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  1. Hi all, I am a bit of "old school" when it comes to banking: so when Commerzbank sends me a letter that they will start charging for our up-to-now free girokonto accounts, I got upset.  How did we end up here: from getting decent interest on our saving and our operating accounts just a decade or so ago to being charged a fee just for having a bank account (i.e a bank borrowing my money to run their business,) and to charging a negative interest on my savings.    So I started looking at what alternatives there are and comparing to what I am getting at Commerzbank there seem to be many better options. So after some research, I stuck for DKB, they offer everything free if you have some minimum income,  including Visa card, free withdrawals ect.. The only thing is that I live in Frankfurt and it seems that DKB is the only bank in the world that does not have a branch in Frankfurt... all seem to be in East Germany, one in Munich. So this would be my first encounter with doing all banking on the internet. Can you tell me if there is something that can't be done with girokonto that a brick-and-mortar bank would have but internet bank don't?