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  1. Since I have questions (and there will be more) on this topic, I thought it would make sense to start a single topic which would revolve around general idea of performing IT and similar activities under a Gewerbe, with additional answers to questions applicable to any other type of Gewerbe.   So here are a couple of questions to start with:   -- In a form to be submitted to the Finanzamt (after the initial Gewerberegistrierung), there is a field: 2.4 Handelsregistereintragung which is about (as I understood it) the submission to the Chamber of Commerce.   The question: Do all Gewerbe have to register with Chamber of Commerce? What are the regulations?     -- My colleague told me one does not need to open any special bank accounts for a Gewerbe, a private account is enough and can be freely used. Btw, he works as a IT freelancer, maybe that is how he got this impression.   The question: Is this true? As a matter of fact, I have visited my bank (Sparda Bank) this morning and: a) They told me the person running a Gewerbe would need a Geschäftliches Bankkonto, b-) They don't provide these types of accounts (only private)     Subquestion: If one MUST open a Geschäftliches Bankkonto, which bank do you recommend? Is this online bank (N26) good for this purpose (a credit card would also be needed, for eg. overseas Internet payments)?    
  2. I'm looking for someone in Berlin to handle the rental of a storefront I own. I've already found new tenants without the help of an agency (actually the previous tenants did) but I need someone to handle the transition, contract, required documents etc.  I'm not sure if I should talk to a lawyer specialised in this or find a Hausverwaltung, as I'm assuming when they menage a property they take care or all this.    What's the usual way of doing this?    Thanks.   
  3. Allowed uses of commercial unit

    I own a commercial unit in Berlin and I'm trying to understand what's the law regarding the allowed uses of it. What I've gathered so far is that in the "Gemeinschaftsordnung der WEG" it's defined by the community of the owners what the unit can or can't be used for.  That being said, that's the end of it? I'm wondering then as to why would some buildings allow bars or any other activity usually considered of disturbance if they would have the power to have some other kind of business there..?    In my specific case when I inquired with the Hausverwaltung about it their answer has been: in der Gemeinschaftsordnung der WEG (Bestandteil der Teilungserklärung) heißt es in §5 Nutzungsregelungen, Satz (2): "Teileigentumseinheiten sind grundsätzlich der Nutzung zu Bürozwecken oder als nichtstörendes Ladengewerbe und für ähnliche nicht störende gewerbliche oder nicht gewerbliche Zwecke vorbehalten." In §7 Nutzungsbeschränkungen, Satz (8), wird noch einmal ausdrücklich darauf hingewiesen, dass "jegliche Spiel-, Wett-, Bewirtungs- und/oder Beherbungsbetriebe - mit Ausnahme der Einheit 4 - sowie Betriebe mit Bezug zum Rotlichtmilieu gleich welcher konkreten Ausgestaltung" in jeder Einheit unzulässig sind.   Thanks in advance for any clarification.