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  1. Partial year USA and German taxes

    Hello, I hope someone with experience in similar situation can help me. We are US Citizens, now living in Germany (Spouse moved in late June, I moved in October, 2022). This is our first year doing tax paperwork in Germany, and having USA earned income (plus capital income in form of bank interests and dividends) is making it difficult. I worked from Jan-Sept in USA and quit my job at the end of Sept (but the partnership paid 3 extra months, while I was living in Germany as part of the partnership contract). I received a K-1 form from my partnership. In addition, we have dividends from bond mutual funds in our joint accounts. I tried SteuerGo and Wiso to do the taxes in German. But could not answer these questions: How/where  do I report K-1 partnership income from my previous LLP in USA (I was a member/partner in the LLP). How do I report the back pay I received while I was already in Germany. How/where do I report this in my German tax filing? I didn't actually work since I left USA. How do I report the dividends on German tax, as it is on a joint account and my spouse and I moved to Germany on a different date. Since we are US citizens, no taxes were withheld on these dividends. I understand USA has right to tax 15% on these dividends, but when I do the German taxes first, it taxes me the full 26.5%. I understand that I can do this and then take Foreign tax credit on my USA return (but then how does USA get their 15% tax share?). Of course I am assuming that since we are renting here and registered, we are liable for unlimited taxes. I would really appreciate if some experts chime in or someone with prior similar experience shares their story. I am not in the accounting/Tax field but am used to doing taxes independently on Turbotax etc. This request is mainly for help on German tax filing.   Thanks for reading and your help.
  2. Hello,    I am a permanent resident of Germany. I want to know what will happen if I start working in UK ? Will my permanent residency be cancelled after working 6 months in UK? And, how will be the tax issues? If i get a good job in UK, how should i organise the residency status ?
  3. Hello,   I got a letter yesterday from my employer. It is "Meldebescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung - Arbeitnehmer" Normally I get this every year in January.  But in this recent letter, I found something different. There is "Abgabe: 63 - Änderung der Staatsangehörigkeit" and "Staatsangehörigkeit: 000 Deutsch" . It was before with a "463 Indien"   My citizenship application is pending for over a year now. Because of the pandemic, I was not given a appointment and was told to send the application and documents via Post. I sent all of these in September 2021 and never heard anything from them except the acknowledgement of receipt.    From the content of the letter, it seems like in some of my records especially Sozialversicherung my citizenship details have been changed. I checked on my Krankenkasse website and 63 is actually a code that is received whenever citizenship has been changed.    Is this normal ?