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  1. I'm married to a  German for over 2 years now and have a temporal resident permit subjected to three years renewal. Got a girl pregnant from an affair. The girl in question currently has no legal status in Germany (Expired some few years after she completed her M.Sc. degree and could not find a job). I am curious to find out based on the current situation how she could possibly regain her legal status in Germany with her pregnancy. If that is possible, would she be entitled to any benefit or support from the state. Thank you all in advance as I anxiously awaits your suggestions and advice.
  2. Hi,    I am wondering if i should take the pain of filing tax returns or not. I was trying some online tools to file tax returns. I do not have any two houses for rent or something like it. Just normal job, 12  months salary. The expected tax returns website showed was like 9 euro. And I am paying like 20 euro to this online tool.    Can someone please guide that on 40k brutto a year is it worth to take the pain of filing tax returns.    Thanks KD
  3.   I don't speak German and my English is also mediocre, please give an advice. Let's say I have 1000 Euro (in German bank account from legal income) because the German bank's interest is 0% so it is not wise to keep money in my bank account. In my home country (3rd world country), the bank pays interest around 8%/year, so what I can do is transfer all Euro from my German bank to my home country bank account (foreign currency exchange). After 2 - 3 years, I'll withdraw all money from home country bank (local currency not Euro) and buy bitcoin via home country service market. Then, I will sell all bought bitcoin in Germany via European service market to gain Euro (at that time, 1000 Euro from the beginning should be like 1200 Euro). Do you think any problem with this strategy? Is that illegal? I knew if I hold Bitcoin for more than 1 year, I will not need to pay tax for capital gain in Germany, but will the German bank question about my income when I sell all bitcoins to get Euro?
  4. Hi all,   I want to start self-employment as a side job to my part time job. Could somebody advice me with the questions below. Since it's a very specific case, I could not find any answers: Do you get unemployment benefits in Germany if you lose your job but you are self-employed at that time? If yes, is there a limit of how much you can earn from self-employment?   Please let me know if there is anything else to be aware when having a part time self employment next to your job - really appreciate.    Thank you!
  5. At the moment I have a German Blue Card after finishing my Msc in Germany, valid till the expiry date of my Passport (05.2021), the problem is that after the expiry of my passport I will not be able to renew it before my 30s birthday in 09.2021 cuz the embassy will not renew it for me before I reach 30 and get the final exemption from the military service. Meaning that there will be a gap of approx 4 months for me without a national passport. What can I do in these 4 months to be able to live and work legally in Germany? Will the Auslanderbehorde just give me a notification of deportation or they will cooperate and maybe issue me something temporary till I sort out my a new passport? I do not care about my ability to travel in these months but I just want to keep my job and live and work legally. Any help or maybe guidance for what can be done?
  6. Hi guys,   My friend's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He lives in another country and does not have a medical insurance in Germany. However he would like to receive treatment in a German clinic.  Can anybody recommend a clinic in Germany where he can get a very qualified treatment? A clinic, that are specialised in prostate cancer treatments.   Thanks, Os
  7. Hi,   me and my russian girlfriend planning to get married. Therefore, I am looking for the best way to go for it. I have been working in Germany for quiet some time and hold Niederlassungserlaubnis. I have an Indian passport. I clearly do not want to go back to India and do all the process which requires like 30 days stay or so. My question is what is the best way to do it either in Germany OR in Russia ?   Once it is done, will it be a problem to get a family reunion visa for her ?    Please guide if anyone has experience with this. I have read on Indian embassy website in frankfurt that it is possible to get married to someone who is not an EU citizen but i am not sure if she can do it here on a shengen visa ?     Thanks KD  
  8. At my current company in Berlin I started as a software developer. After some time I was promoted to Tech Manager position and that was specified in my new contract. I got a team with line management. Later, due to structural changes I was moved to another department as a team lead, but without line management responsibilities. After a while this department was also reorganised and I was moved to a new department as a pure developer, with no management responsibilities. The company recently hired a new guy to a Tech Manager position, instead of putting me into it, although I was applying. When I ask, they say that they don't have a managerial position for me, so maybe it's better for me to leave (their words). Again, my contract clearly states that my role is Tech Manager. I feel that the company is not fulfilling their own promises. What are my legal options in this case?