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  1. You've probably heard of Reddit which is one of the largest forum-like communities still very active these days. There are subreddits (= sub forums) of different countries. Even if one posts a photo of a beautiful German town in the German subreddits they get very few if any upvotes. Meanwhile in other country subreddits one gets more likes, including the Austrian one. Is that a sign that |Austrians are more welcoming despite their  I've tried doing the same in the German-speaking subreddit of Germany (r/de) and got my post deleted. Sure, it's not good to judge a nation from 300,000 members (the active ones at all time are more like 2000 per day) on a subreddit but you know how statistics samples work. Is this a sign that maybe I shall reconsider Germany as a place of expatriating? I mean if I get that treatment from people living there before even going there is not a good sign. Even on the Fb group of Munich expats I saw negative, toxic behavior and those people are supposedly in the same boat. Would sth like that put you off a place you have considered for relocation?
  2. Relocating to Germany from the UK

    Hi there,   If this has been answered before please let me know as I had a search and couldn't find what I was looking for. I am looking to move to Germany from the UK (Scotland) within the next year.   I will be applying for Irish citizenship to get an EU passport, which could take up to a year and I am wondering if anyone moving from the UK has managed to get a work visa at all or how it works now that we are out of the EU? If companies need to sponsor your visa etc... Any information from previous experiences of moving recently would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks,   Chris.
  3. job offer

    Hi ppl, I am under several process to get a new job and I have one offer in hand. I am in a process with a big company that takes forever to finish the process due to summer vacation etc. Still discussing the last points in the previous process, what would be best to do? Can I ask a time to think about if and how long companies hold an offer? The first company is really interested in my profile. Just trying a chance with this other dream company.  In any case, I want to quit my current job. 
  4. You know when you listen to a piece of music, or a song, at a certain time in your life and it perfectly captures that instant - your mood, the place you were in at the time, how you were feeling - and whenever you hear it now, it immediately takes you back to that bittersweet moment? I was wondering if any of the Expats here in Germany have a particular song that sums up their feelings about being here now, or how they felt at the time of moving abroad that captures that moment and reminds them of it whenever they hear it?? What are the songs or tunes that remind you of either Germany as a whole or your time there? They don't have to be German per se.
  5. I know many American/British expats abroad teach English. Others work in/for the US army or in expat-related businesses. But I'll be honest, I'm an Eastern European so my experience has been that its easier to find a white collar job in low-tax, outsourcing-friendly places like Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic etc. Places like the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and France have the same problem - the only jobs available to Eastern European expats (even those knowing the local languages) are menial jobs with poor pay and rights. Look at the many Turks working in/owning kebab places. Many of them work 10 to 12 hours per day. How's one expected to have time and energy to study the local language and absorb the culture? When their work shifts end they're exhausted.   Meanwhile, due to lower corporate taxes, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, etc. are so easy to get an office job in (in multinationals). There are even office jobs with languages like Greek, Hungarian and Bulgarian in Prague! The Bulgarian and Polish expats in Bratislava and Lisbon all worked in office jobs, 9 to 5 or just 40 hr per week. Quite enough time to sign up for language classes in the local tongue. In Germany and the UK they do hard, long day jobs like building, cleaning and plumbing. Or looking after old people or infants. Exhausting jobs that leave little time to learn the local language. Even if you already know it many of them have uni degrees yet, sweep floors at  McD.   So if you're Eastern European like would you rather find a corporate job in a multinational in Pilsen in Czechia and just visit nearby Bavarian cities on weekends? Or rather go to Germany. I fell in love with both the Nuremberg/Amberg/Frankonia/Oberpf. area and Pilsen. But after I looked what jobs are available locally on the German side I'm not sure learning German would give me any benefit if it would qualify me for the same menial jobs like cleaning or delivery driver? When it comes to Western Europe I have better chance finding white collar jobs in Lisbon.
  6. moved out of germany taxes

    Hi,  So I have the following issue. I have been working in Germany (Stuttgart) since 15.07.2019 at the university as a normal employee up until 30.10.2020. During this time I've also been a Kleinunternehmer doing some consultancy work on the side. Starting 1.11.2020, I moved to london for a job where I am an employee again. Consequently, I have closed my Kleinunternehmen in Germany and filled for taxes.  My questions are:  1. Is the income I have earned in november and december of 2020 while living in UK liable for taxation in Germany?  2. Is yes, does that imply I don't need to pay taxes in UK for these two months?  3. Is there any advice in filling to get any social security/ pension type stuff moved to UK? (I don't want to complain more than I already will just below, but moving to Germany was truly a horrid bureaucratic experience I would like to cut any ties to it.)     I do have a steuerberater, but he only speaks german, I do not, and I am not 100% sure he understands me when I try to convey the situation, nor can he explain me his thinking. He's estimated taxes for me for 2020 and it's about 75% of my total freelancing income (from my Kleinunternehmen) which feels terribly unjust and the only explanation for it is that I get taxed on my british income in the last too months as well. I have asked several friends who lived in germany as employees and then moved abroad how they proceeded and they never had to face this issue. Also, when I initially moved in 2019 from UK to Germany I did not pay income tax on the salary I had earned in UK, I don't fully understand why that would be the case now.    Thanks in advance for helping me out. I truly appreciate it. 
  7. Hello,   I live in Germany and got a work visa. Since I'm in Kurzarbeit I have plenty of free time and demand from other clients all over Europe but my visa doesn't allow me to freelance from here. I also have an address in Brazil, a company registered there and a brazilian bank account. I already do my tax returns regularly in Germany and Brazil. My question is: if those potential clients agree to pay me in my brazilian bank account through my company (with official invoices) and I keep the money there, can I bypass this visa limitation without any problems? I imagine that since this money is not coming to my german bank account and not being declared here I don't need to give explanations to authorities about those freelance jobs, correct?   Thank you!