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  1. I'm trying to find the non compete clause in my current contract however I haven't found any term or title that mentioned "Wettbe­werbs­verbot" or "Non Competing Clause". However I did find the following statement:   **Verschwiegenheitspflicht**     Der Arbeitnehmer verpflichtet sich, während der Dauer des Arbeitsverhältnisses und auch     nach dem Ausscheiden, über alle Betriebs- und Geschäftsgeheimnisse Stillschweigen zu     bewahren.   I read at  that "A non-compete clause for employees must be agreed in writing in the employment contract and signed by both parties." I'm not sure about the validity of this statement.     1. What does that mean for me in terms of job switch?       2. Can I work for a company that's in the same market or is a     competitor after resigning from my current job?       3. If yes, what things I need to look out for?       4. If no, what can I do if I've an offer from a competing company?   Please share your experience and knowledge in this matter.     PS: I did some research & found that NDAs are enforceable in Germany so you can't share the company secrets with another company. However the Non Competing clause is not forceable unless the employer pays 50% of the salary to the employee for 12 months than non compete is forceable. Does that mean I can join the new company even though I've the aforementioned clause (in the main post) unless my current employer agrees to pay me for 12 months?
  2. Suppose you are at Aldi's, only one register is open, there are parties ahead and behind you, everyone is in a rush and you find one item is damaged but not in danger of spoiling or ruining anything else.
  3. Dear All,   Kindly don't close this topic as duplicate as this is about "online application" to get back pension money.   I went to the website  but didn't find clear info as I'm using Chrome inbuilt translator to translate webpage from German to English.   1. Is there any online application possible as it's risky to send documents with COVID situation ?   2. Is there any English version of website available ?   Thanks in advance.   Best Regards, Vikram
  4. Hi there,   Thought it might be best to post it here in a new thread. I am looking to move from Scotland to Germany probably within a year (covid depending etc...). Since Brexit has happened (something i voted against) i was wondering if anyone has any information on the process required to move from the UK to Germany now Brexit is in effect? Documents required, Things needing to apply for etc... I am currently waiting for the foreign birth register to open again to start the application for my Irish Passport ( i know this is the best option )  but unsure 1. when it will reopen and 2. how long it will actually take to get it. Thanks! Chris,
  5. In Germany, the Center Holds NYT