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  1. Hi everyone, I am a US citizen who lives in Germany most of the time but sometimes works in the USA. I am legal in both places and have all my documents. My wife is German. I have been married since 16.03.2016. Recently, my wife has told me she was pregnant with another mans baby. She wants to keep the baby as she thought she could not get pregnant. She told me she was having an affair with her friend behind my back for the last year even when I was in Germany working. What are my legal responsibilities and rights for the child as the legal father, what are the rights of the biological father? We are not sure if he will claim paternity. I am a little confused in this situation and not sure if this is normal German behavior either? But more importantly I need to know my responsibilities and duties.
  2. Hello together   I have a complicated problem and I hope that someone has had a similar case or can help me to find the answer. I am a UK citizen, but I am applying for German citizenship. In 2007 I got a DUI in UK and was sentenced in a court of law, with a driving ban of 12 months plus a fine of 250 pounds. This is now spent, but if I get an ACRO police record it still shows up and it can't be removed until I am 100 years old! The same offence in Germany I believe is taken off the criminal record after 5-10 years.   Does anybody know if once I am a German and apply for a police record if the offence will show up? I am sure that the information will be transferred, but I am not sure if the German certificated will show it as it has expired according to German law.
  3. Hello People,   In a former life, I worked in spinal injury prevention and rehabilitation in the U.S., in which the methodology centered on the principles of the clinical biomechanics of the spine. That is, we taught people how spines get irritated and injured, and how to control their spines in ways that minimized problems while maximizing functionality. As a multi-disciplinary tertiary care center, we often got problem cases that other clinics couldn't handle—mostly people with complicated conditions, who had suffered failed surgeries, who had physically demanding jobs, or who participated in high-level athletic activities. We (mostly I) also ran a lot of job-site-based injury prevention courses.   If I wanted to run a back injury prevention course here in Germany, what kind of certification would I require, if any? I have no interest in treating patients, as such, just teaching people with or without back problems, and training them in a variety of skills and a few relevant exercises. Although solutions are individualized, there's no hands-on work involved.   A response from someone who knows the relevant German laws would be great. Otherwise, any insights as to where I could find an answer would also be appreciated. (After a year and a half in Germany, I'm still pretty naive about the German legal system.)