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  1. I'm a US citizen married to a German citizen. We lived in Germany from 2014 to 2017. In 2014, I got a 3-year residence permit easily with no language requirement. The person did say that if I were to renew it after the 3 years, I'd need to show some German (but I don't remember what they said specifically).   We've lived in the US since 2017, and we're now returning to Germany. I need to get a new residency permit. Not a renewal I guess since the old one is long expired. Does anyone know what the language requirement would be in this case? I'm currently halfway through A2. Looking through posts here and in other places, it's confusing because other advice refers to applying for initial permits or renewing initial permits (continuous residence), or not being a spouse, etc. So many variables.   Could anyone advise me on the specifics of my situation or refer me to something/someone who could? Thanks!
  2. I am somewhere between B2 - C1 level, and want to improve my German further    any good online course which you can suggest?