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  1. So I might have the chance to work for my former company. I am not a US citizen but I do have a work permit and an SNN.   It would be a Social Media position. Do I just file a tax report as a freelancer then? Do I need a business license for it? The company has no ties to the US at all. What do you recommend what's the best thing to do?
  2. German giving you a headache?   Having trouble telling the difference between “Migräne” and “Malignomen”?   Can’t tell if that nasal voice is an attitude issue or just a common cold?   I can help you with learning the medical basics if you are just starting. I will review and study anatomy, physiology and pathology with you in German, English and Arabic while making the subjects more approachable and understandable.    I can also help you improve your communication skills with your colleagues, superiors and patients in a work or college environment.   If you need assistance with your written reports or other topics depending on your area of medical speciality, I can help you in these fields as well. I also have worked and still work with people from all possible professional backgrounds who need to hone their communication skills.