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  1. Am I missing something?

    The background :- My daughter from first marriage finished her studies and has got a job recently. She was staying with me but now she has moved out with her boyfriend. She got Christmas bonus this week and so she offered to buy me something for the house eg a new bike for me or a new washing machine, a sofa or a bed. I thanked her and told her that i will let her know if i need something. But i felt very happy and proud that she offered it. It reminded me of my first salary and how i had got a new washing machine for my parents.   And Now :- I was talking on phone with my current wife ( german and married since 15 years )  and during the conversation, i happened to tell her about this gesture of my daughter. She repeated this sentence twice " your daughter wants to buy a bed for you?" and disconnected the phone and is incommunicado. So is this pure jealousy that her own sons who earn 5 figure salary in usa and germany have never offered her / us anything or is it something cultural that i am missing?    Was this sentence OK if a son would have told to his father? Here we talk of equality for all and i think this to be a case of gender bias? But it could be something else which i am not able to put my finger on.