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  1. Hello, I just bought a house and I am interested to know how the handover of Gas, Electricity, Water & Insurance happen?   Can I take over the existing contracts from the previous owner?   Also, what are my options with Gas and Electricity? Do I need a contract for e.g. 12 months with a supplier, or can I just have a rolling contract with the Stadtwerke? I am not sure I want to lock in to a contract considering the prices are so high.
  2. I am considering purchasing a house built in 1950 with the attached energiebedarfausweis. The property is 135sqm and also has a wood burning stove.   237*135=33.345kWa p/a. At 0.30ct kWa, that is 10.000€ a year. Is this the type of expenditure I should be expecting?   The ausweis has no information about the verbrauch.