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  1. Hello all,    I was hoping to get some information about some of the issues I have lately encountered at work.    I work as a full-time employee with a firm in Frankfurt, and I was recently told that "it would be best if I find another job".    To give you a bit of context in to how I have been performing, I am the only person in my team (it should be 3 people minimum at any time) for the last 4 months, I have on my own delivered higher revenue even that what they made during Q4 2019, which had Black Friday, Christmas etc. There is an online record of all these things, and can be proved. I did not put any of the projects on hold owing to low capacity, instead even took up new ones and delivered. Nothing comes to my mind that should have upset my employee, no project messed up, no campaign missed, no revenue targets that were not achieved.    There is a lot of political bullshit going on in the office, and I never indulged in it. I think, after a year they owe me a pay raise, and they just did not want to offer a promotion or a pay raise, instead want to replace me with an intern.    Anyhow, I have received this news without a written explanation as to what the reasons are, and I don't believe it to be fair.    I want to know what I can do, I definitely do not want to stay here and work any longer, but can I sue them? Since I have not breached anything in my contract, and have delivered more than one person can.