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  1. Hello everyone,   I live in a large city in NRW in a large two floor family home we are the only family that lives here. My neighbourhood is "good" but I have heard from family and friends that the entire area is in a steady decline. There have been reports of attempted break-ins and robberies at the small convenience stores thtroughout the area and people who have experienced petty theft.   Today a woman came to the door, I answered becasuse I confused her for DHL. She claimed to be representing a children's puppet theatre and asked for donations. I turned her away and called the police to report about a half hour later (when I could get through.) In this city panhandeling for small change is common but I am concerned that our home or other homes could be in the proccess of being 'cased out'---particularly because so many people are on holiday.   Apart from getting a cool guard dog, what are some options DH and I might have in investing in a home security system? There are of course cameras for our doors but what of the back windows/patio doors. I am thinking more of a system like a ADT.   Apologies for my level of cluelessness