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  1. Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for the nature of the post. On the 23rd of June my husband violently assaulted me in front of our two year old daughter. I have since been to the police, obtained records of my injuries, began criminal and civil proceedings and will obviously be divorcing him. I recently moved out of Bavaria to get further away from him as he wasn't respecting the no contact order. I now live in Friesenheim and a friend is allowing me to stay with him and pay half the rent while I figure things out. I was hoping that someone may know of a job in the Friesenheim area that would be well suited for someone with minimal German skills. I am looking for something entry level, maybe a job as a housekeeper, waitress, dishwasher and so on. This whole event has caught me totally by surprise. I had planned to resume my studies prior to this, but because my daughter is so young I have no choice but to jump into any job that will accept me for the time being. I am also looking for a pediatrician, general adult doctor, and a therapist that may speak English. Of course any advice that anyone can give me I would be happy for. Thank you in advance. -Kimmy