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  1. Hi all,   I’ve been reading some of the other threads of similar topics regarding UK Ltd companies being run from Germany, but most seem to relate to owners solely based in the Germany, whereas I am only a co-owner/shareholder of a UK Ltd and would like to spend the majority of my time doing freelance work in Germany.   I was previously in full time employed in an artistic journalistic role in Germany since May 2019, since the start of February I have been unemployed having been made redundant.   My plan is to become a Freiberufler (eventually – I’m trying to get coaching and apply for a Gründungszuschuss, but that’s another story).   As someone employed in an artistic journalistic field, I understand that I would also be eligible for the KSK.   Up to that point, I think it seems straightforward enough.   However, towards the end of last year I set up a Ltd company in the UK with two other people. Both other people are based in the UK, contracts are made and signed from the UK, there is an accountant in the UK handling accounts, the registered office address is in the UK.   I hold 1/3 of the shares.   The business is artistic, at least in part, and has an artistic journalistic element, which is, at least in part, what I am in charge of.   It is not close to making a profit at the moment, but hopefully in the next few years it will.   My main questions are as follows:   –Would being a Director of a UK company holding 1/3 of the shares affect my status at all in Germany? Would I still be able to register as a Freiberufler?   –Would being the Director and shareholder of a UK based company affect my eligibility for the KSK? I will need to speak to a KSK expert about this, in particular to discuss the nature of the business and how they would regard any potential income from there, but if anyone has any insight, that would be great.   –As a Freelancer, my revenue for year 1 and 2 would probably be under €22,000 and €50,000 respectively, I would be aiming to go over the €22,000 limit in year 2 so is there any advantage of me registering as a Kleinunternehmer? If it does make sense, would I be able to register as a Kleinunternehmer given that I am a partner in the UK company and would revenue generated by the company have any impact on these thresholds?   –If we do start drawing money from the UK Ltd company, would I just draw it as a salary not subject to PAYE and/or as dividends (the tax implications here are not entirely clear to me). Is there any easy way to say if one would be favourable to the another? My income from freelance journalistic work here in Germany will probably be €30–40,000 per annum.   Any help on the above would be massively appreciated!
  2. Hello,   Back in 2019, I applied for a Steuernummer as a Freiberufler at the Finanzamt. Got the number, did the freelance job I needed it for, and filed my taxes accordingly in 2020. Got my Steuerbescheid, but didn't examine it in detail, everything was seemingly fine.   Last week, I received a letter from the IHK, which I just looked into more closely. It basically said they got my info from the Finanzamt and came with a questionnaire asking about my Gewerbe, which prompted me to have a look at my 2019 Steuerbescheid. Lo and behold, it seems like the Finanzamt considered me a Gewerbe instead of the intended Freiberufler.   Can I request a change by simply sending them a letter myself? I do have arguments, as my particular profession doesn't seem to fit Gewerbe at all - it is something I studied here in Germany (Ausbildung) and do hold a foreign Bachelor's Degree for, and several similar roles are listed here. Or would this better be taken care of by a Steuerberater?