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  1. Freiberufler, Gewerbe or what?

    Hi there,   I think I made a mess out of my situation because I've been repeatedly misinformed about what exactly I need to/can do. I've been living here for 7 months and I need help making sure I'm doing everything right.   - I am a performer/writer with a Bachelor's degree in my area. - I am a coach for Brazilian students applying to art schools. I do this through Skype and am paid in R$ (it isn't possible to be paid in EUR). The amounts are usually very little (under €350) and I use that money to pay for my rent directly through TransferWise (doesn't go through my German bank account) - I'm registered at the Finanzamt as "Darstellende Künstlerin" (Freiberufler) - which I'm assuming can include the activity above, as well as any other modeling work that I've done?   Now the mess:   I just started working as a PubCrawl leader for a very small company and they want me to send Rechnungen to get paid. However, I read online that "tour guides" need a Gewerbeschein. I'm not autonomous in this position, and my boss for this job told me I don't need a Gewerbeschein. Can someone please clarify this for me?   I signed a contract to do a minijob that is somewhat-related to my field (wardrobe crew), but it is still a regular minijob contract. Is this allowed?   Is there a monthly amount that I can receive as a "gift" and not have to declare it?   When my Mitbewohner sends me his share of the rent, do I need to give him a Rechnung?   And lastly,   I am hoping to join the KSK in the near future. Will this coaching job I mentioned above or even the minijob count towards artistic activity?     Thank you so much for your help! As you can see I'm really struggling and because of my super low income I can't really afford a Steuerberater right now.  
  2. Hello,   Firstly I apology for starting discussion under such a common title, but after thorough search I couldn't find answers to my particular situation. I have recently moved to Germany and my husband has been granted a Blue Card (he has a job with a german company). As his wife, I've also been allowed a residence permit (different from a Blue Card) and in my Aufenthaltstitel, it states "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet".   I already have a remote job with an American Company, for which I've been working for the last 2 years. I must say, that I'm not american nor german, I'm argentinean and in Argentina I invoiced this company as a self-employed. I've also payed all the taxes needed in Argentina so that everything is legal and within the rules.   I'm willing to bring my contract to Germany so that my money can be transferred to a german bank account. I've been researching and apparently I should do this by working as a freelancer (Freiberufler). However I've found this very challenging considering all the information I've found and that I'm a foreigner working for a foreign company.   So, here I have a couple of questions that maybe somebody can help me with: 1) Is Freelancer the right thing to do? I'm not an employee of this company, I'm a contractor. However, I do work 100% of my time for this company (40 hours a week) and in my contract I have such things as vacations and LOA agreements. I've read that as a freelancer I'm not supposed to to work more than 80% of time for single employer.   2) If Freelancer is not the right thing to do? Then any idea of what could be the right activity to declare?   3) I have been advised that I may have to pay up to 60% of my income in taxes (including VAT and others). Also pay my own health insurance (right now my husband's company pays mine) . Which means that maybe is not that convenient for me to continue working for an american company. Is that right?   4) Any idea if I need to get a special permission to work as self-employed, considering that it says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet" in my Aufenthaltstitel   5) Also considering all the tax maze, I'm truly thinking about continuing paying taxes in Argentina as a self-employed. But I have read that if I live in Germany, even if my contract is in Argentina, I should also pay taxes in Germany! I don't want to pay taxes everywhere , I'd better quit my job and do nothing if I'm gonna get only a few cents for my job after all the taxes     Your help will be very appreciated, since I'm very a little overwhelmed by the tax system here, given my particular situation.   PS: if anybody knows an english speaker steuerberater in the Braunschweig area, I'll appreciate if you can give me any contact details. Thank you.