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  1. Hi there!!  Hope you all are doing well in this hard time.  I am in a bit of confused state at the moment. I would really appreciate if anyone can alleviate me from this confusion.  I have been offered work which is 16 hours a week and I will be paid 400 for the month.  But the company has told me that I would have to issue an invoice.  I have not applied for a freelancer ID yet and at the moment, my husband and I do the taxes together and I am also insured with him as family.  I was wondering if I should be applying for freelancer ID for such small project. (Or could I still do the project and put the amount as an additional income when we do our taxes?) I plan to apply for freelancer in future as I have plans for it but right now I only have one project not more.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  I thank you so so much!!!! 😊😊
  2. Hi all, I've looked for this info, but I've found quite old posts.   I'm currently on garden leave and have worked in Berlin for over 1 year in a company. I'm eligible to receive the unemployment benefits when the garden leave ends. I am interested in working as a freelancer until I have found a new job, mind you to work 16-20 hours/week.   My questions: if I work during this garden leave, I need to activate me as a freelancer, guess it's Kleingewerbe (<17,5k yearly gross), and I will move to class 6. To estimate therefore the net income, can I just sum all the gross incomes and apply class 6, or is there any different calculation to be made? when the garden leave ends, I can go on freelancing while receiving the unemployment benefits. Is that correct, and what is the impact on the unemployment benefits in terms of eligibility and deduction? e.g. if I overcame the 17k, I lose them, and what is the taxation applied to freelancing works?   thanks in advance!