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  1. Hello, I was offered a position through an agency to work as a civil engineer. However they say they will not be involved with anything and I have to be a freelancer. I found below statement online and range of technicalities involved is far more complex for me to have a rough idea what sort of tax, insurance and other expenses involved in freelancing.    I need to give an offer hourly rate.  How much of an expense I should add over my net income expectation. I am 31, married (non-eu married to EU national), no kids, currently unemployed, civil engineer, living in munich.   Later, you will need to register your business with the tax office (Finanzamt). They will decide if you are a freelancer (Freiberufler) or a tradesman (Gewerbetreibender). The difference is very important. Tradesmen must get a trade licence (Gewerbeschein) and pay a trade tax (Gewerbesteuer). They must also be listed in the trade register (Handelsregister) and follow different accounting rules. You must do these things before registering your business with the Finanzamt.
  2. I have a permanent job in Germany since 2015 and I don't do other work activities as self-employed or Freelancing. However, I have an account on a freelancing website and a friend of mine uses this account to acquire micro projects from this website.  The project costs are transferred to my bank account because it is in my account on this website.  My question is that since I don't do anything in these projects and I don't get money, should I pay taxes just because the account and address are mines? His total income for 2017 is around 400€ and  245€ for 2018. so it is pretty low income and I already declared my taxes for 2017.  should I stop him from using this account or ask him to write me a letter that he is using this account? should I inform the taxes office or I might involve my self in a more complex situation?
  3. Freelancing after losing job

    Hello,   I am a European citizen that has been working in Germany for the last 11 years, always fully employed. I recently lost my job, and after an interview for a new job, the employer asked me to work for them as a freelancer for a month, with the plan that if it works out, it becomes a full-time position. They want me to start right away. How do I go about this? I never freelanced before. I am in a delicate position because I am a single parent and have no help, but I would love to avoid going into unemployment.   Thank you in advance for any advice.
  4. I want to start working as a freelance English teacher in Berlin. Whilst I'm waiting for work to pick up can I do a mini-job? Would I just add the income to my tax return at the end of the year? I have registered and I'm in the process of applying for a freelance tax number.   Also, I've just filled in an E101 from the UK to have my health insurance covered for one year. Is my health insurance still valid if I do 'employed' work as well as self-employed.   Thanks for your help. I'm new to the German system!