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  1. Hey everyone,   got a question to ask. I want to get a freelance residence permit in Berlin.   First, a couple of lines about myself.   I'm 30, Russian citizen, been living in Berlin for the past 7 years on a student permit. Have a MA degree as a translator/interpreter from my home country.   Perfect, nearly native command of German (C2) and English (C2), native Russian. Have an unlimited accommodation contract since 2015 in Berlin.     I want to give up on my studies and get a freelance residence permit that would allow me to work as a translator/interpreter for different startups and projects in Germany. Finding those are not a big deal at all, I already got accepted for a job as a game localization tester (somewhat related to translation) only to find out that I'm not allowed to freelance on a student residence permit.     The biggest challenge though is to get that freelance permit.   I have experience in translating (not recent though).   Might get  a couple of letters of intent from German startups/individuals saying that they are willing to hire me as a freelancer for their upcoming projects... Showing a bank statement with somewhat €10000 wouldn't be a problem either. Have a translated diploma of my BA degree.     How realistic is my idea? Not in terms of actual working, but in terms of getting a freelance visa. Are they rather chilled in the Berlin ABH (especially if I speak perfect German to them and have a full set of documents put together with my immigration lawyer)?     Thanks!  
  2. Hello. I applied for and received a freelancer number for the tätigkeit "Künstler" in Sept 2019. I have however started to freelance as an audio engineer since January and initially used my Künstler Steuernummer on my invoices, then switched to using my Umstatz Steuer ID on my invoices (that I received with my Künstler freelance number application)...   What would be the best course of action? A. Apply for a new freelance number for audio engineering and write on the form that I began the work from the 1st of January (ie retroactively). And then amend my invoices?   B. Apply for a new freelance number for audio engineering and say that I'm starting the job from the date of application. Then come tax time, declare January's income under my artistic / audio engineering freelance number?   I just want the least amount of potential problems... Bit worried that if I back date an application that the Finanzamt will do something weird. But I have nothing to hide so yep, just looking for a bit of clarity!
  3. Hello everyone,   I've been trying to figure this out by reading previous discussions on the subject but, although they were extremely informative, I'm still left with some questions.   I've been in Germany (Berlin) since July 2016. From November 2016 - July 2019, I had an employee contract with a company (as a midi job) and made the mandatory state pension contributions as they're required.   From July 2019 until now, I've been freelancing as a social media manager. I manage a Twitter and a Facebook account for an agency and occasionally appear in videos on those social media accounts conducting interviews.   To the question: are people who work in social media in that capacity required to contribute to the public pension system? How much of a gray area are we in?   Some further info, in case any of it is relevant: I'm not an EU national (I have a residence permit as a spouse of an EU citizen); I declared my occupation as "journalist" to the Finanzamt as I didn't know what else to write down (which at first I thought would doom me with the DRV but apparently they operate completely independently to the Finanzamt?); I pay for my own health insurance with TK but I'm wondering whether the KSK might take me, especially if it turns out that I must pay into the pension system; I basically only have this one client as a freelancer, which I know will configure Scheinselbständigkeit in the long run but I'm hoping to change my employment status and become a proper employee with them within the next six months.   Thank you in advance!
  4. I’m a non European and I’m in Berlin with an artist visa, I need to change my visa to resident permit before it expires. I have some trouble finding the right insurances.   When I applied the visa I had a travel insurance. Now the foreigner office told me I need a proper one. Some people on the internet said Care Concept may be okay when you apply for the first time, I want to know if I count as first time or second time? I applied the visa in my home country and it is first time for the resident permit, but I’m not sure... HanseMerkur told me if I want to be insured with them I need to sign a contract for two years.    my ideal plan to be insured is with KSK and TK, and TK told me with KSK I only need to pay 90euros/month. The thing is my appointment with the foreigner office is at the beginning of January, and KSK may take months to be approved. So I need a private insurance before my appointment, and switch from private health insurance to public one later. I think Hanse Merkur’s contract is too long.    ALC said they meet all the German law, but they are an international health insurance company, not a German one, like CareConcept. But they are more expensive and my friend said she has ALC at the beginning and it’s all fine.   Please give me some advice? My appointment is approaching..