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  1. Is language course deductible?

    Hello everyone!   I am a freelancer. When I first got here, my German was ok but unfortunatelly not anymore. I always had English speaking clients and friends. (ashamed)   Recently I moved to another city and to be able to find and convince new clients, I need to have a better German. I decided to take same German classes just to find work again. I plan to go up to C1 level.   My first question is: If I go to a language school to take German classes just because for my work, is it tax deductible?   My second question is: I found this web page "italki", there are german classes there as well. One of them was even named "Business German and Job Application Training". Would it be tax deductible if I take classes online?   I plan to spend around 1.000 Euros for the classes. Is there a limit for such thing?   I went through the forum and found many contradicting answers about the topic. Some said yes, some said no, some said it changed in years. I am hoping to find someone that knows the situation, not guessing about it.   The language is really bloking my works way and I really need to sort it out quick =) .   Thank you very very very much!
  2. Hello everybody, I've heard some people said that renewal freelance visa, you need to bring invoices and freelance contracts with you. Most of my clients are individuals, so far, I only have the invoice with them. (I thought I don't need the contract because they are not business)    My questions are: 1) Does it affect my freelance visa extension if I only have invoices with my clients? 1) Should I start to ask my future client (private customer) to sign a contract with me or only with invoices is ok for my freelance visa extension? 2) Does the contract need to write from them?    If anyone has this experience, I'm glad to hear that. Thank you!
  3. Hello the community of Toytown Germany, thank you so much for accessing my question.   I have been living in Berlin for 4 years, now with Aufenthaltstitel which is entitled to me as the "spouse visa" according to the visa of my freelancer husband from Japan.( I am from Japan as well) As our child started to involve in Kita, I started to look for the job as the freelance interpreter which I used to be. As a result I found various clients which locates outside of Germany, but mostly in EU. As they require VAT to start the job, I need to register my business here regarding to TAX and etc.  So am I legally allowed to work freely as the freelancer without any income limitation, in this situation? My Aufenthaltstitel says that " Erwerbstatigkeit gestattet", which I know that I am allowed to work here - possibly as the freelancer.   Additionally,  as I want to upgrade my career,  I recently applied to the university here as the part-time student (Basically they allow to take a course by half compare to the full-time student). In case of enrollment to the university, shall I have done any changes to my visa, or working permit if I am studying, and working on part-time basis at the same time?   Any information would appreciated - I already asked several administrative organization, but haven't got any precise answers yet.   Thank you so much / stay safe      
  4. Hi!   It is my first time being freelancer and needing to pay health insurance.    I am with AOK, at the end of the year they will calculate my income and would want me to pay some amount.    They told me if I earn under 900 euros, I will need to pay 350. If I go over 900 euros per month, I will need to pay more.   My question is, since I am a freelancer I have expenses, such as equipments, courses, travel costs etc. Will the amount for the health insurance calculated after my expenses?   For example, if I make 12.000 this year, I will need to pay 450 per month. But if I subtract my expenses, the amount goes down to 8.000 Euros. Which means 350 Euro health insurance per month. The difference is a lot and I want to be prepared at the end of the year to have no suprises=)   Anyone have any info? I would really appriciate it!
  5. Hey everyone,   got a question to ask. I want to get a freelance residence permit in Berlin.   First, a couple of lines about myself.   I'm 30, Russian citizen, been living in Berlin for the past 7 years on a student permit. Have a MA degree as a translator/interpreter from my home country.   Perfect, nearly native command of German (C2) and English (C2), native Russian. Have an unlimited accommodation contract since 2015 in Berlin.     I want to give up on my studies and get a freelance residence permit that would allow me to work as a translator/interpreter for different startups and projects in Germany. Finding those are not a big deal at all, I already got accepted for a job as a game localization tester (somewhat related to translation) only to find out that I'm not allowed to freelance on a student residence permit.     The biggest challenge though is to get that freelance permit.   I have experience in translating (not recent though).   Might get  a couple of letters of intent from German startups/individuals saying that they are willing to hire me as a freelancer for their upcoming projects... Showing a bank statement with somewhat €10000 wouldn't be a problem either. Have a translated diploma of my BA degree.     How realistic is my idea? Not in terms of actual working, but in terms of getting a freelance visa. Are they rather chilled in the Berlin ABH (especially if I speak perfect German to them and have a full set of documents put together with my immigration lawyer)?     Thanks!  
  6. Hi, I'm a registered freelancer but was thinking of getting a mini-job on the side. I have public health insurance through TK and I am trying to work out how much tax and HI i would pay on this second job. Let's say, for example, I earn 25k a year from freelancing. If I was to earn 400 per month on top of this with a mini job, how much would I have to pay? Will I have to pay the same insurance on my mini job (ie 14.6% HI and 3.3% care insurance)? These percentages are taken from my total earnings, right? The mini job isn’t exempt?
  7. Hello,   I recently got a little difficulty to find out how to declare some of my expenses.   I am a full-time freelancer. Sometimes, I hire other freelancers to collaborate on the jobs that I have. How do I declare these expenses? Do I declare them as a normal expense? Or is there a particular section?   I first declared it as an Intra-community service, but I realised now that this is not the right way. Anybody could enlight me on this?   Thank you. Best regards, Arthur