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  1. Hallo:)   As per title, I've left Germany in February 2019 and closed my freelance activity. I didn't work during Jan and Feb 2019, do I still have to do my taxes even if I didn't earn any money in 2019? I am almost sure this is the case, so here is my second question:) My German ist kaputt and the previous two years I've been helped by my ex German girlfriend and she did my taxes through Elster. I've seen that she sent the formular EÜR 2018/2017 und ESt unbeschränkt (ESt 1 a) 2018/2017 but I can't find them on the website. Do I need to wait for them until March? I remember she couldn't do them in January because the formular where not available yet in January.    Thanks for any clarifications  
  2. Freelancer Cooperative

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with this organisation or similar? Would you recommend this method of operating for a freelancer? It seems a good way to have social benefits and freedom of freelancing combined :
  3. Online Freelance as a non-EU Student

    Working as a freelance while on a student visa has been discussed many times over here and was considered to be quite impossible. However, according to these, it is still possible with permission from the Ausländerbehörde:   I can only find information online about whether it's possible or not, but cannot find information about what to do exactly. To anyone familiar with this, I have a couple of questions:   Things to note: I am currently a post-graduate informatics student (more than 60% over with my studies) and would, therefore, be a freelance software engineer so I guess I do not need to register a business in this case. It is also worth noting that the plan is to work with online clients, from home, through intermediaries; freelance websites. I am currently employed in a student job so I inherently have a tax number and insurance. 1. What would be required for me to submit to the Ausländerbehörde in this case? 2. Will I still be able to work in my student job in addition to being a freelancer? What limits would apply if so? 3. Would it be different if my clients are offline instead of online?   Cheers!  
  4. Good day, I am worried about this situation. I recently got a letter from the finanzamt: 'Errinerung an die Angabe Steuererklärung(en)'. It was stated that I needed to declare my tax returns for 2018, and was given a deadline until November 2019.  I came to Germany from a non -EU country as a student and graduated 2019. I have previously declared in 2018 for 2017 period when I worked in a hotel. I continued working in the hotel until March 2018. From then on up until March 2019, I freelanced for a UK firm that paid into my German account. I didn't register as a freelancer (no records with them) with my finanzamt, and just continued with it until I realised that it was illegal to be a freelancer as a non-EU student. Now my inquiries are thus:   1. Is it possible the finanzamt knows I did any sort of freelance job since the company is not a German one and probably didn't declare their revenue in Germany? I am not trying to evade taxes, but I am scared I will be punished ( probably deported) if I try to file on the income and consequently getting to know I worked illegally.   2. I worked for 3 months in the hotel in 2018. Can I declare that for the whole year, and base the rest of the year as an unemployed student writing his thesis?    3.  If I need to act accordingly to make this worries go away, what exactly do I do?    I will be grateful if @PandaMunich , gurus, and others in the house can advise me.   Thanks
  5. DeGUT 2019

    For anyone interested in becoming self-employed in Germany this weekend is deGUT in Berlin. deGUT is a trade fair with various seminars and workshops on self-employment in Germany. Most of the info is in German, but there are a few seminars/workshops in English according to the schedule.   For more info see:   Disclaimer: I am NOT involved with this event and can't provide any further info than what is on the website.
  6. Freelance + fulltime job questions

    Hi everybody! First I'll describe my current situation then address the questions.   I'm brazilian and I live in Weimar - Thuringia for 2 years now. I just finished my Master's studies here (the whole course over those 2 years). 20 days ago I got a full-time contract and also just applied for the working visa (they say I might get at least another 2 years). Last week I was approached by a marketing company from Berlin asking for a freelance job. It's just a one time thing that should take less than a month of my free time for the price of ~2200 euro. My current company already allowed me to do side jobs.   Questions: 1-Even without a freelance visa and being foreigner, can I still take that job without problems? 2-How does taxes work in this case? I only pay income tax on top of those 2200 euro? 3-Should I just declare this value by the end of the year? 4-Although it's not something recurring, companies might ask me for other quick jobs in the future (let's say once every 2 or 3 months). Can this become an issue with only a normal working visa?   Thank you!
  7. Hi all! I've done a lot of searching but unfortunately haven't encountered a comparable situation.   My wife and I are expecting a baby in March 2020, and want to be eligible for Elterngeld. We live in Berlin, but we work remotely for a startup based in the UK. The company pays us each month (in euros, into our German accounts), and at the end of each calendar year we complete a German tax return. (Actually we're doing our 2018 return now with the accountant; in January we'll do the 2019 calculation from which our Elterngeld will be calculated, assuming we're eligible. The accountant by the way refuses to answer Elterngeld-related questions, saying is't not his domain).    However, I've heard that freelancers in Germany sometimes aren't eligible for Elterngeld at all. Which leads me to wonder, what's the difference (if any) between 'freelancer' and 'self-employed'? We never took a trip to a Finanzamt to register officially as self-employed. We do each have a Steueridentifikationsnummer, and we also have a Steuernummer (not sure how we got it or what it means). We also pay monthly for public health insurance.    Given the above, can anyone tell me if we'll be eligible for Elterngeld? Your assistance is much appreciated!   (Also, as a side question - while on holiday this summer we rented out our apartment on Airbnb - we have a holiday rental license and will declare this income on our 2019 return. I assumed this answer is no, but would this income be included in the Elterngeld calculation?)   Thanks!
  8. I'm American, moving to Germany (Berlin) in one week. JFK Kita is holding a spot for our 3-year-old son, but we need to get a full-time Kita Gutschein before August 1. My wife and I are both self-employed as filmmakers, working together in an LLC partnership, registered in U.S. I understand that we would need to be registered as freelancers with Steuernummern, to prove that we are self-employed and need the full-time child care. The Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung asks if applicant is working as part of a partnership, and to include the partnership agreement.   I am concerned that including our U.S. partnership information on the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung will delay the processing, as the partnership agreement (which is in English) will require extra scrutiny by the authorities. Does this sound right? What time frame should I expect to receive the Steuernummer(n)? I need it by July.  I am also aware, via other posts on Toytown, that a U.S. LLC can trigger tax traps if it doesn't qualify as a partnership in Germany. I hope we will qualify, as we meet almost every criteria listed here:  The only qualifications we don't meet would apply to every LLC: limited liability and requirement to officially register the business.    I'm considering: - Apply for Steurnummer with LLC information included. Hope that it comes through before August for the Gutschein. (Will the LLC info really delay the process that much?)  If LLC fails German partnership test, then stop billing through the LLC and just operate as individuals. Would that work, or do we have to re-apply for Steurnummer without LLC?  I'm not clear if the Steuernummer then belongs to the partnership (like EIN in America), or to the individuals? - Apply for Steurnummer omitting LLC info, hoping that this fast tracks the processing.  Once we have the Gutschein, re-apply for Steurnummer with LLC included.  Is this possible? Advisable?  What are implications?   - Go to Jugendamt with letter from Steuerberater stating that we are indeed self-employed, our Steuernummer application is in process but is taking awhile because we have a U.S. LLC.  Also state that our family doesn't speak German, so please give us a full-time Gutschein so our son can assimilate.  What are my chances? Would a Steuerberater provide such a letter? At what cost?   I have been in contact with a Steuerberater, who said he would charge me 2-3 hours (400-600 euros plus VAT) to analyze the LLC operating agreement to see whether it qualified as a partnership in Germany. Our operating agreement is 2 pages long and basically says the partnership is the two of us, no other partners allowed, we split everything 50/50, and the LLC dissolves as soon as one of us leaves (by choice or by death/incapacitation). I outlined the three options above (including the letter), but he was very vague in his response. Kept pressing for the paid service. Can't blame him, guy has to make a living. Hence, I'm here.   Other info:   - Our clients are all in the U.S., and we have no immediate need to bill any customers in Germany.   - We are applying to KSK as soon as we can. Our track record of invoices is all through our LLC, so it would make sense that we continue to operate through it while in Germany.  I'm not clear whether our LLC needs to be officially registered in Germany before we apply to KSK.   Thanks all. I'm sure I've shown the depths of my cluelessness multiple times in this post, feel free to pile on. : )