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  1. Declaring taxes for 2 different freelance jobs

    Hello,   Last year I work as a freelancer (as a therapist, which I do not charge VAT) plus another digital freelance work that requires me to charge VAT as I work with other counties in the EU. I use the same tax number for both jobs.   My question is, when I submit my taxes for 2021 (I believe it's Anlage N", do I have to combine the 2 incomes into 1 or can I do them separately (since they are not the same industry and 1 I charge VAT and the other I don't)?   Thank you in advance! Best, Michelle    
  2. Hi all, Can anyone direct me to a relatively inexpensive software package for keeping track of invoicing and expenses for a freelance English teacher? I used Quickbooks before in the US, but need something that is aware of the German laws that apply. I'd prefer the operating language in English. Any recommendations? Anyone currently using a software package they'd recommend? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hallo leute! It's my first year filing taxes in Germany as a self-employed person. My spouse is a regular employee. Does the Finanazamt need to know about his earnings, or am I able to just submit my financial information? He was on Elternzeit last year if that is pertinent information too. Thanks in advance! 
  4. Hi,   I have a work visa and I'm allowed to have a formal full-time job and soon also to do freelance in my spare time. My question is regarding declaring both incomes.   - In the Ausländerbehörde they mentioned I might have to file 2 separate tax returns, is that correct? - Does one income affect the other or are they completelly independent? For example, if I earn 100k on my full-time job, does it count for the 22k revenue limit for freelancers to be exempt from charging VAT? Does the income tax affect the combined income or individually on each income? - Since I'll only be doing freelance in my spare time and probably not earn a lot, do I pay income tax if I earn less than 9k (considering I already earn more in my main job)?   Thank you, Luis Mesquita