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  1. Hi,   I have a work visa and I'm allowed to have a formal full-time job and soon also to do freelance in my spare time. My question is regarding declaring both incomes.   - In the Ausländerbehörde they mentioned I might have to file 2 separate tax returns, is that correct? - Does one income affect the other or are they completelly independent? For example, if I earn 100k on my full-time job, does it count for the 22k revenue limit for freelancers to be exempt from charging VAT? Does the income tax affect the combined income or individually on each income? - Since I'll only be doing freelance in my spare time and probably not earn a lot, do I pay income tax if I earn less than 9k (considering I already earn more in my main job)?   Thank you, Luis Mesquita
  2. Hi everyone,   Looking for some guidance. I am a freelance writer and editor ending my work responsibilities on July 1. I'm a member of the Künstlersozialkasse and have private health insurance. I'm taking some time off work to improve my German and take a bit off my plate after a very stressful COVID time with a toddler. What is the best way to remove myself from the KSK and get on my husband's health insurance? The KSK sent me a income change form, but the insurance and dues are calculated by yearly amount (I've made about 30k this year so far and won't have any income coming in for the rest of the year). What do I need to provide my husband's insurance company? The KSK hasn't been so helpful in answering my questions quickly and any help is appreciated. 
  3. Hello,   I live in Germany and got a work visa. Since I'm in Kurzarbeit I have plenty of free time and demand from other clients all over Europe but my visa doesn't allow me to freelance from here. I also have an address in Brazil, a company registered there and a brazilian bank account. I already do my tax returns regularly in Germany and Brazil. My question is: if those potential clients agree to pay me in my brazilian bank account through my company (with official invoices) and I keep the money there, can I bypass this visa limitation without any problems? I imagine that since this money is not coming to my german bank account and not being declared here I don't need to give explanations to authorities about those freelance jobs, correct?   Thank you!
  4. Hi all,   I've spent the day looking through the forum, trying to find the answer to my question but unfortunately I have not been able.   Since the start of February I have been receiving ALG1.   During my initial call with the Agentur für Arbeit the topic of doing freelance work (journalistic activity) came up, as I said that I thought I'd be able to get a bit of freelance work while searching for employment.   What they suggested and were actually quite pushing me to do (and from speaking to my friend it sounds a bit like they are encouraging this at the moment as it was suggested that my friend's sister did the same) was that when I do get freelance work to deregister myself from Arbeitslosengeld temporarily for the days worked, pay the insurance myself, and then go back on Arbeitslosengeld when it's over. That way I get to keep all the money (less insurance, tax, etc. but AFA won't deduct anything) and I guess they benefit from not having me on their books for those few days.   I have now done that a few times but I have not yet invoiced.   To invoice I need a Steuernummer, which I don't have.   My question is, to get my Steuernummer, do I just fill out the 'Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung' like anybody else taking up freelancing activity? (The work is journalistic so Freiberuflich)   My concern is that by doing so I'm going to somehow jeopardise my eligibility for Arbeitslosengeld, even though this is something that they suggested I do. Partly as when they suggested this they told me I should register as 'part time' Selbständig, but this doesn't appear to really be a thing nor is that option mentioned anywhere on the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung.   (Also, will it be a massive issue for the Finanzamt that I've probably worked between March and April and haven't registered with them yet?)   If anyone has any advice or experience for the above, I would be very grateful!   Thank you!