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  1. Fraud in private used car deal

    Hi guys,   Recently I bought a used car from a local family in a small city. After that, I found there's a crack in the plastic part of the front bumper. Then my landlord's nephew helped me to check the car again. He said the license plate frame was moved up by someone on purpose to hide the crack. He also checked the registration paper and surprisingly found the seller cheats me on the number of pre-owners. She always claimed 2 (including the seller herself) and wrote down 2 on our contract, while there are 4 actually. I contacted the family, the seller's mother said she never had an accident and know nothing about the number of pre-owners. When I was still discussing this thing with them, they were yelling and hung up the phone rudely. I've never ever dealt with such kinds of people in my life, like a bunch of savages. Because they still owed me the winter tires, so I messaged them again. They didn't reply at the very beginning. Then I asked again about when, they said a date. While nobody appears at all. I listened to someone's advice to write a formal letter to ask for a deadline. Finally, I got a message the winter tires are in front of the garage. I looked outside right away, nobody was there. They had escaped. Their behaviour shocked me and I start to be suspicious of the locals.   I went to a lawyer, he said I have to prove they know the crack and the number of pre-owners. Otherwise, he sees a very high risk. I called the dealer where the family bought the car, because he is a crucial witness. But when he realized I'm not going to buy a car, just want to ask questions, he changed his altitude immediately and said he knew nothing, but the car he sold never had a problem.   I'm so speechless to these people. Now I'm not expecting to ask for my money back. But I don't wanna let it go without doing anything. It seems those people know the loophole of the law. Each of them claims knowing nothing, as long as there's no direct evidence, they are always on the safe side to cheat people without paying a price. They get money by fraud but pretend to be innocent people. It's ridiculous. They should get punished. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thank you. I wish these bad things will never ever happen to you.