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  1. I'm going to form a new company. In Ireland.    The product is a UWB tester. Currently the main aspect of my tester is that it simulates distance. Because that is what UWB measures. It does this by choosing a set of cables of various lengths for the signal to run through. These cables tend to come in multiples of inches. And since one inch is 25,4mm also multiples of 100mm. I find it easier to think in inches because of cable choices but there are three kinds of inches.   If a light year or light seconds is a measure of distance. Then a light inch is a measure of time. The time taken for light to travel 1 inch. This is 0.254/c = 85ps or 85 trillionths of a second.   But electricity doesn't travel as fast as light. About 2/3 light speed in a cable, and 1/2 light speed on a PCB (printed circuit board) So a cable inch is about 127ps and a PCB inch about 170ps.    So what to call the company "Uwbtest". Describes the company's first product very well which is often a bad idea. I own the domain "Light Inch". Cool name and it is my fundamental unit of time. "Quantum Inch" Anything with quantum in it rocks "Time Lords" Well the tester is a very limited time machine. It delays things by trillionths and billionths of a second. The BBC might have something to say. In fact I've Emailed them but no answer yet. "Mad Axe" Frankly that was an after thought.   And thoughts? Feedback   Below is a picture of the "time machine" ehhmmm tester. And some technical blurb I wrote.