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  1. Hi All. I live over the border in Switzerland. We're moving back to the UK soon and I plan to start brewing my own beer, for which I'll need a few dozen 50cl beer bottles with flip tops, or swing tops -- you know, the Grolsch-style resealable bottles with the wire enclosure. I can buy beer with these tops in Switzerland but naturally, they tend to be pricey here, and as I travel over the border now and then, I'm thinking it would be cheaper and more interesting to buy a few crates of German beer while I'm at it.   Can someone suggest the best supermarkets / beer outlets, not too far from the Swiss border (within 50-100km), that sells decent beer in such bottles please? Preferably a decent Weissbier but happy to buy others. Important thing is that they're 50cl and have the resealable enclosure. We sometimes call in at Kaufland but I've never bought beer there. Do they have a few examples of such beers? Thanks for any pointers.