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  1. We all know how insane it is getting a flat contract in Berlin, especially if you're a foreigner. I have a wonderful place for a great price, that could use some modernizing. I cook everyday, yet the kitchen looks like it's from the 70s. Not a very sexy place to send hours in really. So I would like to replace the floors and install new and modern looking cabinets etc... maybe even remove the wall so it opens up into the dining room which would be lovely.   There's also a weirdly placed closet that comes out from the wall out about half a meter, that totally ruins the dining room. I would rather have an open space unobstructed then an inconveniently placed closet.   My landlord said I could do the renovations myself, out of my own pocket. And that anything I install, would become property of the building owner - my question is - is this a good idea to invest €3 - €5k? I will not be moving for at least another 3/4 years, which at that point I would buy. Curious if anyone has done this before?
  2. Flat for a couple

    Hello,We are a couple from Istanbul/Turkey, non smokers and no kids. I'm 39 years old, non-smoker and computer programmer and my wife is an Industrial Engineer. After long years working in a Dutch Bank in Turkey, I will start working at a company as a Software developer (with unlimited contract) in January 2019. We are currently in Istanbul/Türkei and we will move in January. We need a temporarily solution while a permanent house is found. Our budget is up to 1600 Euro for warm rent. (with all costs included)