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  1. Hii,   Anybody expert in using firefox inspection tool ? I often use this inspection tool to get rid of annoying advertisement (that block the webpage) , consent...donation..etc.. when i just want to read the info. Consent and ads.. has got nothing to do with me when i just want to read some data from website.   The 1 issue that i sometime encountered is.. when i delete the node of <script> or iframe or some tag or <div>, the annoying ads or consent box is indeed removed and the overlay that hinder me from clicking the page is gone, but i just can no longer scroll the screen to continue reading the info anymore..  I don't mean to do harm or copy cat other people's webpage and stuff... i just want to do my reading without those pesty iframe from appearing before my screen and ask me to click this and that.  .. that's all..   Anybody know what is the reason ? or which part of js or html or something that involved that hinder the webpage from being scroll ?  Just in case someone is good at these stuff, please teach me. Thx     By the way, this inspect tool on Toytown is just as demo (so some people understand what i am talking about :-)   ).. Toytown is a good forum that does not annoy me with junks popping up while i do reading..