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  1. Handy am Steuer

    Briefly, I was pulled over on the 19.05.21 by the police for using my phone whilst driving a company auto. Understandably, the police said I will be receiving a fine and a point off my license. The fine they said will be sent directly to me and not to the company. Another colleague of mine was also caught that day and received his fine via the post about 3 weeks ago.  The only thing I received in the post from them is the below link   There was no fine included or any other information.  I will be leaving Germany permanently at the end of this month and I am trying to tie up all my loose ends here.  Am I legally required to contact the police and tell them to send me the fine, or can I just leave this as a lucky chance? I certainly don't want any serious repercussions or blow back, especially if in some way the police think that I am trying to evade a fine.  But if they haven't given me a fine then I haven't been fined, or?   As usual they spelt my names incorrectly, could that be a factor here?