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  1. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    Hi guys,  I have a question. In the first day of the curfew (12th December) I was not aware about the new restriction rules and I was shopping around 21:00 o'clock at a Supermarket which was still open. At the exit the police was waiting for us and took our identity data. I am in Baden-Württemberg.   Now I received an "Anhörung im Bußgeldverfahren" as I was breaking the corona curfew. For me this seems quite unfair.They published the new rules one day before at 21:38 PM.How could they expect that everyone will be aware instantly. Even the store was not aware as they left it open. Also in the document with the new rules, in the footer is mentioned "1 Nichtamtliche konsolidierte Fassung nach Inkrafttreten der Verordnung der Landesregierung zur Änderung der Corona-Verordnung  vom 11. Dezember 2020 (notverkündet gemäß § 4 des Verkündungsgesetzes)."  If I translate it correctly it means it is kind of unofficial. Should I answer to the form they sent me, or I just incriminate myself more. I am really annoyed as this is unfair, you cannot change rules with less than 24 hours ,and then also go and hunt people, instead of just informing them and give them a warning in the worst case. To get a lawyer I think it will be more expensive than the fine ?    Any ideas, advices ?   Thanks.  
  2. Hi, I just found out today that a fine or a DEBT! has been issued to my name and my employer has received a letter about it, amounting to 680EUR from the fire department. I do not know why I am fined, I never started any fire and never got in any trouble with the fire department. I have moved a lot in the last two year in Germany so maybe I missed the so called reminders of any unknown payment I was being billed by the Feuerwher. My problem is I do not speak german, and my employer is not being very helpful. How do I even find out what this debt is related to? To whom do I owe this amount and why? What did I do? My employer is not sharing the letter with and is saying they will deduct the amount from my salary. This is a big amount and is stressing me out, please help! I have public health insurance, I did call an ambulance in 2018 that took me to the hospital but I am not sure I got any letter to pay for any bill apart from 10 euros. I live in a student dorm and there was a smoke alarm 3 months ago that kept ringing for 1 hour but I did not cause any fire neither do I know why it was triggered. I did not receive ANY such letters for any such bill and now my employer has received a debt letter! This is very embarrassing.