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  1. Hi guys,   Long time lurker here.   This may sound like a silly question, but I would like to know whether online betting on sports could possibly be construed by the Tax Office or Aliens Office as freelance work.   I did a bit of homework and know that gambling winnings are steuerfrei or 'tax free'.   I am not legally allowed to work in Germany.   The money would be withdrawn or paid directly into my bank account (I have a student blocked account in Germany) depending on whether I lose or win a bet.   Would the bank authorities report my winnings (or losses) to some higher authorities, particularly the ones mentioned above? Or would my bank even care or notice about gambling revenues being transferred to my account?   I would really appreciate it if you guys could weigh in here.   Thanks in advance.      
  2. HI   I'm waiting for my tax number to come by post after my Anmeldung but payday is getting closer and i'm worried I won't get number in time. Does anyone know if it's possible or quicker to go to the FInanzamt (Deroystrasse) to get my number directly?   Thanks TTers   Laura
  3. Finanzamt Payment Plan ???

    Has anyone got the finanzamt to give them a payment plan? I have a large tax big... larger than most people's gross income.. I just emailed them asking if they would agree .. any insight anybody? 
  4. Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a ´Finanzamt´issue! I recently sent a letter to my local Finanzamt in Berlin stating that I am no longer a freelancer and now employed ´Angestellt´. They sent me a letter back stating that I need fill out a document ´Steuerliche Abmeldung/Ummeldung´and that I need to send some photocopies of evidence that I no longer work as a freelancer. The evidence I could provide is stated as follows... ´Bitte legen Sie auch Ablichtungen der Verträge und Schriftstücke bei, die mit der Beendigung der Tätigkeit in Zusammenhang stehen, sowie eine vorläufige Ermittlung des Veräußerungs-bzw. Aufgabegewinns. Sollen Sie keine schriftlichen Vereinbarungen getroffen haben, bitte ich, den Inhalt mündlicher Abreden in einer Anlage darzustellen.´ Would it be enough just to send a photocopy of my completion certificate (as an English teacher) or must I also provide my ´Aufgabegewinns´? If so, how will I do so? Is someone able to provide me with a examplar or could lead me into the right direction? Dearly and thankfully appreciate many help!
  5. Redo / amend Taxes

    Hey,   I sent my steuerberater this question in an email, but until he replies back, I would love info from the community.  My tax bill was f^%king massive. I didn't expect it to be so large.. I have up to €15.000 in business expenses that I didn't deduct from my gross income. Is it possible in Germany to amend your tax declaration after it's already processed? I'm not feeling too optimistic at the moment, but any feedback would be great.