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  1. Refund on flights?

    Hi all, just a quick question, do the same consumer rights (14 days to get a refund) apply for flights booked? I've found a great deal which I want to book now but cannot be 100% sure we'll be able to make the dates the flights are available.   Thanks.  
  2. Unrealized gains on financial assets

    Hi,   I moved to Germany in Q2 2018 and have mutual fund holdings in India dating back from Aug 2009 and ongoing through systematic investment plan into Equity mutual funds. I just realized that I have not included the unrealized gain section in my tax return for 2019 when I received a letter from Finanzamt asking for further proofs. I am not clear though, on the steps I need to follow to calculate this unrealized capital gain as there are dividend payouts and dividend reinvestments (automatically by the MF company). Is there a resource already written up (I could not find it, sorry) or website I can follow? Also, the equity capital gains on the MFs in India were tax free (they changed the rule now but grandfathering is allowed until 2019 I think), which is a bummer if I have to pay 25% + soli on that amount now since a big % those investments were done when I was not in Germany. but if it is rule, it is the rule. Just saying it loud here, in case I misunderstood the rule...   Look forward to your advice.    P.S: 2018 return was filed by Deloitte for me and they did not ask for any details for unrealized gains. So, I am wondering if they missed it or I misunderstood, again.