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  1. Taxes liability while working from UK

    Hi,   Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I wanted to understand about tax implications when resident in UK but remotely employed for German company(and paid salary in Germany). I am exploring idea of working from UK for a German employer. My questions were:- 1. Will my entire tax be deducted in UK only and can I avail NHS benefits? 2. Will there be any liability for Krankenkasse/Pension/Unemployment insurance payments in Germany? 3. Do employer still need to pay their part for krankenkasse? Any other thing worth to mention..   I am not worried about visa implications as I am German national.    Thanks for the insights.
  2. I work as Software Developer. I want to buy a new laptop for work. My question is, if I buy a laptop of cost 1500 Euros then how much I will get back in tax return ? Second, if I buy laptop from foreign country e.g. USA, still I would be able to apply in tax return ? Third, Do I have to get in writing from my employer that they do not provide laptop and I need it purely for work ? These are related questions but do not address my query. and  
  3. Mortgages 10 years / 15 years / 20 years

    I am not sure whether this topic has already been answered. I would like to understand what would be the best option while considering the duration of finance while buying a new apartment. I understand that the financing duration could be 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or even 30 years.    The higher the duration the higher the interest rate and thus higher monthly installment.  What I have observed from  immobilienscout24/interhyp  that there could be easily 0.4% increase from 10 to 15 years.     For example, for a loan of 600K the monthly installment could be 240 Euros higher when the term changes from 10 years to 15 years. I hope I am correct here    15/20 years fixed rate gives security on interest rate compared to 10 years. But does it really worth it?  If I can afford the higher monthly installment should I go for the higher term or consider 10 years fixed rate with special payments (saving from that lower interest rate)?  
  4. Dear members, I have invested some INR in NRI Fixed Account in India. As per the Indian tax system, the interest earned on NRI FD is tax-free.  But do I have to report the interest earned for the FD here in Germany. Does it fall under the  in the "Einkünfte aus Kapitalvermögen "   I know that the dividend and profits from the shares in India falls under the Anlage KAP. But couldn't confirm about the NRI FD interest as it is tax-free income in India whereas  the profit from shares are taxable.   Thanks, Cherian
  5. I have been trying to find an answer to my situation in the forums but I have not found one that best suits my situation so far. My question is related to health insurance. I am a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher employed by a German company. The EU H2020 project grant gives the company EUR4100 to pay me. My income tax, SV, KV, RV, PV all come out as employee contributions. But my employer contributions also come out of my gross. This leaves me with a netto of just over EUR2000. I am currently with AOK, I just turned 30 on 1FEB2019 and my contribution to AOK is currently €262, but double amount comes out of my gross so essentially I am paying €524 per month to be insured. In my job contract it stated the employer contributions may also come out from my gross, subject to national laws. It is very expensive for me to be paying so much for health insurance and I don't think I will be staying here after 3 years. I have a 3 year job contract for my PhD. I already secured a residence permit based on this insurance, I was thinking of applying for a Blue Card as well. Although I am 70% sure I will not want to stay in Germany after 3 years. I live alone, my husband will not be joining me in Germany so I do not need family cover. No kids either. I am currently with AOK and thinking maybe Mawista Science is a better option in my case? It would only cost me EUR60 or so for the first year and a bit higher for subsequent years. I will be leaving Germany for 11 months for a secondment in UK, is it possible to talk to my health insurance provider to not charge me for those months? I already have NHS health cover for my stay in Germany. It would be most kind of you all to help me out with any advice, thank you in advance!
  6. Hi there, I've tried my best to find some answers within the forum, so I apologize if this has already been addressed.   I'm a kleinunternehmer and in 2016 made well under the 17,500 cap. I have not charged VAT on my invoices accordingly.   However, when I mailed in my information and a profit loss statement, I received a letter back from my Finanzamt saying that my return was missing some information and that I also need to fill out a Umsatzsteuererklarung and Anlage EUR. I went to the Finanzamt to ask about this (since I could not find EUR on ELSTER), and the woman said yeah you need to fill these out and gave me paper copies and told me to mail them back.   But from everything indicated in this forum, the Umsatzsteuererklarung and Anlage EUR are only necessary if you have made over 17,500 and charge VAT. I'm trying to fill these out, but I'm now afraid that there is some misunderstanding - all of the instructions on the ELSTER wiki, for instance, provide instructions for people who have made over 17,500.    Any advice or help is super appreciated. 
  7. Help on moving back to GKV from PKV

    Hello everyone,  This is not the first time I am posting regarding this topic.  What is my problem ?  I am really frustrated with my PKV. Feels like they just don’t care. 1.Even requesting for a bescheinigung, they respond with a post which reaches me after 3 weeks. That too just to ask me why i need it for. Then it took another 2 weeks to get the bescheinigung. 2.Every E-mail communication is answered by a post the week after. 3.They’re never reachable on call. The times I called, I was waiting for more that 30mins. Tried in the morning, aft noon and in the evenings as well.    How did I get here?  2016 :  I am in this situation cuz of my lack of German skills. My previous Company’s CEO introduced me to the Versicherungsmakler(was a client of the company , Speaks only German) and told me that all the employees of the company are insured through him, so I can take one through him as well.  So for the stupid thought of good will for the company as hes a client I signed up with him asking the following questions. -Will I get a card which I can swipe like to GKV ? – He said JA -Will I have to pay more than the GKV ? he said Nein I told him ok, then I’ll take the one with the same premium as my AOK. Then signed the document he gave.   My question ? Is there a legal way to deal with this ?  Can I prove them that I am in this situation because of my ignorance and not because I wanted to save money or out of bad faith ? 1.       Due to lack of language skills ? 2.       I can prove them showing that I have been paying the same amount of 621(now 670) EUR that I was paying to AOK ? – Just to show that I took PKV without the intention of saving money?. 3.       May be I took it for the premium benefits? No, I used them once in 2017 for 130 EUR doctor payment for skin rash, and once in 2018 110 EUR for doctor payment for a cold.    Thank you very much!   P.S : My spouse is working and is insured by AOK. My kid(6 months old) will join me in Germany soon. So I will pay 120 EUR to have him insured in AOK as I do not want him to pay the price for my mistake.  
  8. Elterngeld and GbR

    Hi all,   I'm hoping someone can help me as I can't find any exact information on this topic. Does anyone have any direct experience with Elternzeit, Elterngeld and a GbR? I'm a self-employed designer and recently took two months Elternzeit after my daughter was born. I applied for it and everything was accepted, no problems. I received 67% of my expected earnings. Afterwards, they asked for a few more documents, Steuerbescheid 2016 etc, as well as to know how much I earned in the Elternzeit period. I didn't work, and I didn't earn any money, so that's what I reported. On the Steuerbescheid, the Elterngeldstelle also noticed that I own 40% of a GbR. They have asked about this. Again, during the Elternzeit I didn't work for the GbR, but I did move money from the GbR to myself. Does this count as 'earnings' to the Elterngeldstelle? It was my impression that the 'Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung gemäß §4 Abs. § EStG' that is used to work out the Elterngeld is only for earned money, not other income. Did I make a mistake by moving money from the GbR in this time? How do I report it to show it is not 'earned' money, but already belongs to me? Any information on this very complicated (to me at least) topic would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!