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  1. Hi guys,   Long time lurker here.   This may sound like a silly question, but I would like to know whether online betting on sports could possibly be construed by the Tax Office or Aliens Office as freelance work.   I did a bit of homework and know that gambling winnings are steuerfrei or 'tax free'.   I am not legally allowed to work in Germany.   The money would be withdrawn or paid directly into my bank account (I have a student blocked account in Germany) depending on whether I lose or win a bet.   Would the bank authorities report my winnings (or losses) to some higher authorities, particularly the ones mentioned above? Or would my bank even care or notice about gambling revenues being transferred to my account?   I would really appreciate it if you guys could weigh in here.   Thanks in advance.      
  2. I am require to transfer money to an account with a reference number(they have emphasised that this must be mentioned) however it contains underscores. The recipient is Sparkasse, and i own a Commerzbank account which does not allow those characters. How can I go about this?
  3. Hello,   Is there a way to get a document in Germany that indicates that I DO NOT own any real estate (house, apartment) in Germany?   I co-own an apartment in another country outside Europe & it is being sold. I need to bring proof that I don't own any other real-estate so I don't have to pay taxes on my part.   I understand that tax-wise it is better to transfer the sales money from an account in my name abroad to an account in my name in Germany - is there a way to transfer the money not directly from bank to bank? they charge such high fees...   Thanks!