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  1. Baliff Property Statement

    I have a question for anyone who’s submitted a property statement to a baliff. I find myself deep in debt, I earn minimum wage and was in a road accident, without third party insurance. I had to pay about €6000 in various fees, fines and lawyer costs and received a letter a year ago from the court asking for another 1800€, my lawyer told me to disregard it as it was no longer relevant, however I recently received a baliffs letter demanding payment and when I returned to my lawyer with it he admitted he had made a mistake and it has to be paid. I’m broke as hell from paying the previously mentioned costs in installments and he’s demanding monthly installments that would leave me with €20 to live on every month, and when I attempted to renegotiate the installments he said I could not, and that I could come to his office and submit a Property Statement. Does anyone know what this is and what happens afterwards? My German is currently B1 and any Schuldnerberatung I’ve emailed has said they can’t help me at my level, and I’m unable to find someone to come with me to the appointment. Will my debt be written off? Or will I face punishment? I would have no problem paying it if the payments could even be delayed a few months till I have cleared my other debts, but this is not an option according to the baliff. Any experiences or advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Second Income and Tax Question

    Hello All,    After searching the forum and failed to find similar situation, I am writing this question.    I am a foreigner (non-EU citizen), working full time in Berlin and hold a Blue Card Visa. I recently applied for "Niederlassungserlaubnis" and is still in progress. I am married and my wife is not working; so we have the tax classes 3 and 5.    Meanwhile, I got permission to start working as a freelance photographer from my current employer and the terms are added to my contract.  My questions are following:  1. Is there a limit for my second income? 2. I currently use joint (my wife and I) Tax ID for the second income. Is this the right way? 3. If I have to register/get a different permission from the government for exceeding the limits of second income, what would that be?   My second income is more than 1500EUR/month.    Looking forward for your advice. Thanks in advance!   Best Regards,  Jack
  3. Wage Garnishment

    Hello, I have a question regarding receiving salary while your account is seized due to unpaid debts.   last week my account was frozen due to unpaid debts, which I have been attempting to work out an installment plan for (€2300). I had already paid about €800 until I was involved in a bicycle crash, and had no liability insurance, as you can imagine the costs regarding lawyers, financial settlement and court fees added up and I, on essentially minimum wage, could not afford to keep up with the payments, the company then had my account seized and has refused to answer any correspondences.   I have a debt counseling appointment in January but my question finally is this. I also in addition to the frozen account have a Revolut Banking account, which is untouched by the freeze. If I was to ask my employer to pay my salary into this account, is it likely it would arrive? Or would my creditors know a salary was being paid to me and already have it seized aka have they just frozen that one account initially or is it likely they are waiting to take my wages from the source before it ever gets to my alternative account.    i have a number of months left in paying off the court fees and fine, and would be in serious trouble if I missed payments due to my wages never arriving due to garnishment.   thanks and sorry for the rambling post!   (I’m aware of the Sparkasse P Konto Option, however I will be returning home to my country for the Christmas holidays and would not be able to withdraw funds as I will not have received a card yet)
  4. Hello people! I have a tricky case when filling in the Fragebogen. Namely, lines 7 (Beruf) and 25 (Art der Taetigkeit). I want to register myself as a a tour guide. But my tours are quite unique since I also make photos of my clients while we're having a walk. So, it's 2-in-1 profession: a tour guide and a photographer. And I wonder: 1) should I register two separate activities, hence send to Finanzamt two separate forms? (but then it'd be hard to differentiate, how much I earn from each type of those activities which I'm making simultaneously most of the time) 2) should I put on line 7 just "Tour guide" and on line 25 specify that I'm also a photographer? What would you suggest? Any piece of advice will be much appreciated!
  5. To begin with thank you to everyone who has already provided advice on Steuerklassen. It has been very helpful.   I have not however found what we are looking for.   My wife returned to Germany this last year with our two daughters.  She also has taken in her aging mother who can no longer care for herself. In addition, we have an au pair that assists with her mother who also lives in the home.  I live and work in California (USA) and travel to Germany throughout the year.    We would like to be Class 3, but I’m afraid we would only qualify for Class 1 or Class 2.  I am new to the German Tax system and would appreciate any advice.   Thank you in advance.    
  6. ALG1 Rent Assistance

    Hi all,   I am shortly to be made redundant, and will be claiming ALG 1, I have worked in Germany for the past 13 months, I understand that I will payed 60% of my wage, which will mean I only receive €600.    My rent is €520 here in Berlin, and obviously I don’t think I will be able to survive on €80. My question is whether there is extra assistance I should be claiming in order to help me financially while I search for a new role?   thanks
  7. I've been searching around the forum but have struggled to find info on this particular ALG 1 query   I left a job a little while back. I went through the process to get registered as arbeitslos/arbeitssuche (to ensure my health insurance was covered etc). Up to now I have not received any ALG 1 money (it seems the Arbeitsamt wanted more info from my ex-employer, and i'm not sure if/when my ex-employer replied).   I'll now be starting a new job. What's the best way to de-register my request for ALG 1 and to say that I'm no longer arbeitsos/arbeitssuche etc?   At my appointment to look at my CV the Agentur fur Arbeit worker suggested I could just send an email if I get a job. However it seems like quite a generic e-mail address, and previously when I sent a query there I never got a response or acknowledgement.   Is there a better way to sign off? In the online portal is there some kind of box to tick, and you'll then get confirmation through the post? I just want to ensure any future appointments are cancelled, and that I won't need to pay back any money that I'm not eligible to.   Thanks!
  8. Hi guys,   Long time lurker here.   This may sound like a silly question, but I would like to know whether online betting on sports could possibly be construed by the Tax Office or Aliens Office as freelance work.   I did a bit of homework and know that gambling winnings are steuerfrei or 'tax free'.   I am not legally allowed to work in Germany.   The money would be withdrawn or paid directly into my bank account (I have a student blocked account in Germany) depending on whether I lose or win a bet.   Would the bank authorities report my winnings (or losses) to some higher authorities, particularly the ones mentioned above? Or would my bank even care or notice about gambling revenues being transferred to my account?   I would really appreciate it if you guys could weigh in here.   Thanks in advance.      
  9. Hi,    I have been working in Munich now for two years after graduating from the UK and am planning to file my tax return for 2016 & 2017. (I have no additional income other than my primary employment so this is ok). I am single and have rented in two shared unfurnished apartments since I arrived. I understand that the process is quite complex and would like some advice on the right approach and whether I should do this independently or not since the returns can vary quite a lot. I have read up a lot on this but still find many questions unanswered or inconclusive in my case.   I would like to understand whether it is appropriate for me to look for a tax adviser to manage this. I heard many reports where it is worth it and many where it is not. Upon the same topic, would you suggest using an automated online platform such as SteuerGo instead? (My level of German is ok conversational but not even close to even think about reading up on German Tax law, so English platforms are the way forward for me).   My situation is as follows: Having relocated from the UK to Munich in the beginning of 2016. What  I travel a lot to for work both in Europe and further afield (~20%) where I am reimbursed for my travel and food expenses. Are there any additional benefits to receive in this area? I pay my Student Loan back in the UK. Am I entitled to claim this back? Interest for example or a percentage of that repayment? Travelling to work on the Monthly Isar Card. Since this is also for personal use, is a percentage of this still deductible. Are there also tax benefits from relocating from within Munich? My salary is paid in 13 months (November double) and the November pay check is actually ~x1.85 my monthly salary, am I entering a new tax bracket on this 11th month and being retrospectively taxed or can I claim this back? For the sake of ambiguity, my salary is between €40,000-45,000 yearly   Many thanks in advance.
  10. Good morning,   I work full time as an engineer in Munich but I would like to open a small fitness/dance/massage studio with my girlfriend. And once open make partnerships with online centers like Urbansportsclub or MyFitnesscard   I would like to know if anyone could give me some sort of help in this process. I have found basic info about the process but all in german like:   I think my main problem is going to be dealing with the finances/taxes and similar in german and for that I have not found any detailed info in english.   Thanks in advance, Jaime