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  1. Refund on flights?

    Hi all, just a quick question, do the same consumer rights (14 days to get a refund) apply for flights booked? I've found a great deal which I want to book now but cannot be 100% sure we'll be able to make the dates the flights are available.   Thanks.  
  2. Hello everyone, I would really appreciate some help to understand if me and my husband are eligible for double household in Germany. Please bear with me while I unfold my love story 2016: Me and my then-boyfriend met in our country (non-EU) and after a while he started a job as an engineer in Munich.  We did back and forth for a year.  2017: After one year, I started a job as an engineer in Poland. He continued to work and live in Munich and traveled every weekend to Poland so we could meet (we have proof of that from the auto rental payments)  2018: I started a job in Baden Württemberg. He continued to keep his house in Munich, as his job is there, but was spending 3 days a week at my house - weekend +one day home office. 2019 - we got married. He is still living in Munich and I in Baden Württemberg, due to work. He continues to come in Baden 3-4 days per week.    My husband was always registered in Munich, and I was registered in Baden. He never registered in Baden. The whole time we have paid double for everything: rent (regular, unlimited rental contracts) additional expenses, travel etc. First, I would like to know if we are eligible for double household (Doppelte Haushaltsführung) - if yes, does it count only after marriage or previous years count as well?  I understand this might be a complicated matter and should be addressed to a professional, but I would like to have an idea if this is possible at all.    Thank you for reading through to the end!     
  3. German mortgage for UK earner

    Hi there, I'm hoping to get some advice for my situation. My issue is that I am working in the UK and earning in GBP and will be for the next few years. I spend most of my time in Berlin and I really want to buy a property here as I will be moving here permanently in the future. I’ve contacted a mortgage broker in Berlin and some local banks but they can’t do anything for me as my income is in GBP. Has anybody overcome this barrier and managed to obtain a mortgage with income from the UK? Thanks!
  4. Can anyone please recommend me an agency (online or whatever else) for filing my back taxes to the US with the fast track amnestry program? I've been paying in Europe for years now and was stupid...I didn't think I had to since I was under the double taxation limits.   I've been getting quotes but the amounts are all over the place, sometimes crazy high more than whatever penalties I could get. My situation tax wise is straight forward, I don't own any property or anything. I'm just looking to file the paperwork without breaking the bank to do it.   Any recommendations would be great well apperciated!
  5. Hello everyone..Am from a Non-EU country who came with a student visa and currently pregnant with a German man.We broke up before I realized I was pregnant so he then lives with his new girlfriend now whiles I still study and live in a student Wohnheim..I have got more than a year for my Aufenthaltserlaubnis to expire..Now back to my problem  Having the baby in the state where I study is not where I really want to be anymore because I don’t want my baby to come in between them at that youngest age..He has agreed to let me go to where I got my family members so they can help me out.  Secondly i got a mini job doing which I don’t know what happens when I deliver the baby in another state.. Am I qualified for any benefits and also what happens to my Aufenthaltserlaubnis after I have the baby because am still on Paragraph 16 which means I don’t qualify for any benefits..My baby father is been supportive but he doesn’t know much of all these because he’s a 1st time father  please help me because am confused..Sorry for the long message