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  1. Hi guys,   Long time lurker here.   This may sound like a silly question, but I would like to know whether online betting on sports could possibly be construed by the Tax Office or Aliens Office as freelance work.   I did a bit of homework and know that gambling winnings are steuerfrei or 'tax free'.   I am not legally allowed to work in Germany.   The money would be withdrawn or paid directly into my bank account (I have a student blocked account in Germany) depending on whether I lose or win a bet.   Would the bank authorities report my winnings (or losses) to some higher authorities, particularly the ones mentioned above? Or would my bank even care or notice about gambling revenues being transferred to my account?   I would really appreciate it if you guys could weigh in here.   Thanks in advance.      
  2. Hi,    I have been working in Munich now for two years after graduating from the UK and am planning to file my tax return for 2016 & 2017. (I have no additional income other than my primary employment so this is ok). I am single and have rented in two shared unfurnished apartments since I arrived. I understand that the process is quite complex and would like some advice on the right approach and whether I should do this independently or not since the returns can vary quite a lot. I have read up a lot on this but still find many questions unanswered or inconclusive in my case.   I would like to understand whether it is appropriate for me to look for a tax adviser to manage this. I heard many reports where it is worth it and many where it is not. Upon the same topic, would you suggest using an automated online platform such as SteuerGo instead? (My level of German is ok conversational but not even close to even think about reading up on German Tax law, so English platforms are the way forward for me).   My situation is as follows: Having relocated from the UK to Munich in the beginning of 2016. What  I travel a lot to for work both in Europe and further afield (~20%) where I am reimbursed for my travel and food expenses. Are there any additional benefits to receive in this area? I pay my Student Loan back in the UK. Am I entitled to claim this back? Interest for example or a percentage of that repayment? Travelling to work on the Monthly Isar Card. Since this is also for personal use, is a percentage of this still deductible. Are there also tax benefits from relocating from within Munich? My salary is paid in 13 months (November double) and the November pay check is actually ~x1.85 my monthly salary, am I entering a new tax bracket on this 11th month and being retrospectively taxed or can I claim this back? For the sake of ambiguity, my salary is between €40,000-45,000 yearly   Many thanks in advance.
  3. Good morning,   I work full time as an engineer in Munich but I would like to open a small fitness/dance/massage studio with my girlfriend. And once open make partnerships with online centers like Urbansportsclub or MyFitnesscard   I would like to know if anyone could give me some sort of help in this process. I have found basic info about the process but all in german like:   I think my main problem is going to be dealing with the finances/taxes and similar in german and for that I have not found any detailed info in english.   Thanks in advance, Jaime
  4. Can anyone please recommend me an agency (online or whatever else) for filing my back taxes to the US with the fast track amnestry program? I've been paying in Europe for years now and was stupid...I didn't think I had to since I was under the double taxation limits.   I've been getting quotes but the amounts are all over the place, sometimes crazy high more than whatever penalties I could get. My situation tax wise is straight forward, I don't own any property or anything. I'm just looking to file the paperwork without breaking the bank to do it.   Any recommendations would be great well apperciated!
  5. Hi,   I am in desperate financial circumstance and could do with any advice.   I have been in Germany for over 4 years and currently possess a niederlassungs Erlaubnis. Since the last 7 months I have been employed with one of the big 4 Consulting companies on a decent payscale. however, I am in parallel doing an expensive (Part Time) educational course in Germany. I was supposed to pay the last installment of my fee about 9000 Euros in March. I was planning to do this through a private Kredit from a bank. However, in february, there was a negative entry in my schufa due to non payment of rundfunkbeitrag. This has brought down my Schufa Score from 93% to 44%. Because of which I am not being a loan by the Banks.   I am two months away from Graduation, but I Need to pay the last installment of the fee at the earliest. I have already Maxda - I lost 500 Euros.  Tried SMAVA - they said they can only help if my Schufa is atleast 75%.   Do I have any other Options.   HindSight - I know is 20-20
  6. OK, I searched for a bit, but couldn't find anything recent with my situation. Apologies if a double post...   I am an American, working in Landshut for a German Company as a full time, regular employee, w/ an unlimited contract. I have a Blue Card in process.   A former business partner of mine has asked me to be a (small) shareholder in an LLC he is forming in the US. This is a business that will only be working in the Pacific Northwest, no work in Germany.    I have a few questions - it seems the most recent tax implications for a US LLC are... unclear? If the US LLC income is well below the DTT threshold, how does it get recorded in Germany? What are the tax implications? Is it a bigger headache than it is worth?   My total salary here in Germany falls below the double taxation treaty, and I imagine any income derived from the LLC will still keep me below that threshold.   Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!  
  7. Hi All,   Could someone here please guide me with the following terms in english? and what does it exactly means in the german financial market context?   " Ausgabeaufschlag " "Fondsg." "Verwaltungsvergutung" "Fondsgesellschaft" "Abgeltungsteuer"
  8. Hello dear community,   it looks like that soon I will be for the first time owner of a small flat in France \o/   My question is: if I decide to rent it (the monthly amount will entirely be used to pay back loan taken from a French bank), do I need to declare the rent money (which would prob end up to my French bank account) here in Germany? If so: how and when? I'm wondering if this revenue should be declared then taxed in France or Germany basically.   A bit more context: I have a full time job here in Germany and 0 other income in France.   I guess the topic is quite complex so maybe it is easier to go and seek advice from a Finanzamt? Maybe someone here has a good experience with a specific one in Berlin with English speakers? Any suggestions welcome.   Vielen Danke.    
  9. Hello everyone..Am from a Non-EU country who came with a student visa and currently pregnant with a German man.We broke up before I realized I was pregnant so he then lives with his new girlfriend now whiles I still study and live in a student Wohnheim..I have got more than a year for my Aufenthaltserlaubnis to expire..Now back to my problem  Having the baby in the state where I study is not where I really want to be anymore because I don’t want my baby to come in between them at that youngest age..He has agreed to let me go to where I got my family members so they can help me out.  Secondly i got a mini job doing which I don’t know what happens when I deliver the baby in another state.. Am I qualified for any benefits and also what happens to my Aufenthaltserlaubnis after I have the baby because am still on Paragraph 16 which means I don’t qualify for any benefits..My baby father is been supportive but he doesn’t know much of all these because he’s a 1st time father  please help me because am confused..Sorry for the long message 
  10. Hi,   I am aware that there are many online service to help with tax declaration, however, most of them does not include service for freelance with foreign income (need to fill in Anlage AUS) I have tried to have a go with Elster software but I didn't really understand it and Toytown guidline seems to be a little bit different from the new form they provided.   Does anyone know any online service, software or tutorial that may help me filling in these four forms? - Einkommensteuererklaerung (Est 1A) - Anlage S - Anlage AUS - Anlage EUR   Thank you so so so much for whoever helping to pull me out of hell. In case there isn't any of such a service, I would appreciate any recommendation for finding someone to do tax filing once a year. Thank you!   Best, NRN    
  11. Taxes liability while working from UK

    Hi,   Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I wanted to understand about tax implications when resident in UK but remotely employed for German company(and paid salary in Germany). I am exploring idea of working from UK for a German employer. My questions were:- 1. Will my entire tax be deducted in UK only and can I avail NHS benefits? 2. Will there be any liability for Krankenkasse/Pension/Unemployment insurance payments in Germany? 3. Do employer still need to pay their part for krankenkasse? Any other thing worth to mention..   I am not worried about visa implications as I am German national.    Thanks for the insights.
  12. I work as Software Developer. I want to buy a new laptop for work. My question is, if I buy a laptop of cost 1500 Euros then how much I will get back in tax return ? Second, if I buy laptop from foreign country e.g. USA, still I would be able to apply in tax return ? Third, Do I have to get in writing from my employer that they do not provide laptop and I need it purely for work ? These are related questions but do not address my query. and