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  1. Dear Community,   I have been employed in Germany for last 4.5 years and start enternzeit in some months. I have been contributing to social security all this time with TKK as my insurance provider.   After elterzeit, I plan to start working as freelancer and plan to apply for steuernummer during elterzeit. My questions are -    1. Is there going to be any issue to receive freelance visa. I have not yet got niederlassungserlaubnis. What kind of documents, I need to present. 2. Is there an issue to apply steuernummer during elternzeit. Can I even do now when I am working ? 3. I want to continue being enrolled by TKK, but I would like to avoid paying into social security contribution for atleast 2 years. I have to yet create a client portfolio and may not have enough income in the initial years.   Thank you.