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  1. I recently became worried about my mental health. In fact, we've had some challenges at home since a while ago, and I've considered them a normal part of family life. Up to now, I tried to cope with them my own way and mostly by keeping calm at home. However, now I want to seek some professional advice from a specialist, but I'm not sure if I have to look for a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or a family counseling service. I don't know how they are categorized in Germany.  I want to go there alone first and discuss my concerns and get some advice. I'm also not sure which of them are covered by public insurance in Germany.
  2. So I have a Temporary family reunion visa which I’ve successfully renewed 2x. My daughter lives in Hamburg with her mother and I live in Berlin.   i see the requirements to apply for permanent settlement states 3yrs. But it mentions living together….   Does anyone have any idea of the timeframe when I don’t live with my daughter?   I’m guessing it’s probably still 3yrs, but I’d like to know for certain.   Thanks in advance.
  3. Vasectomy?

    Does anyone know an English speaking doctor in Berlin where I can get this done?   Also, is it covered by insurance? My first guess would be no. But, it’s worth asking.   Thanks in advance 😊