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  1. Hello there,  We moved to a town close to Oldenburg from South Africa quite recently and are looking for other families who are also English speaking.  We have a 3 year old son and a 9 months old baby boy.  Looking forward to hearing from you! 
  2. Munich outskirts for family

    Hi folks hope this is in the right spot   returning to Munich but this time with kids (8&11) and will be there for a week in July (2020) wondering where people would suggest we base ourselves that is  easy to get into Munich proper for day trips has at least one good local beergarden activities like a lake or walks or cycling    thanks heaps 
  3. Hello everyone, I just would like to clarify; We are 5 family members, insured by TK, and I'm working as a full time employee. My wife started to work as an online freelancer and expected to earn 500-600 EUR per month (net 200EUR). By consulting the insurance regarding any changes to our family insurance, they stated that: - Since she is earning 450-1000EUR/month (regardless to the net income - but what comes to her bank account) she has to pay something around 190+ EUR per month. My questions are: - Is this a typical procedure? - Are these fees/contributions differ from insurance provider to another? - Is it feasible for her if this is her max income? I mean, can she return anything when she do her tax declaration? Another question if anyone can help (Don't know if it is related to this category): - How much approximate percentage she is expecting to pay in taxes on this low income? Many thanks in advance.