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  1. Hello all, I've immigrated to Germany from Portugal and things are still a bit slow concerning building a social circuit with the locals — I am a freelancer and was already working fully from home before the pandemic started, plus I still haven't found a Verein or something that suits me. I'm aware there is a local Brazilian club for example, but I haven't dared impose my presence even though we all speak Portuguese. But I do like going out and social drinking, so things should get better with time.   I was just wondering about meeting other people from abroad who also speak English (or Portuguese while we're at it) and might also be struggling with getting integrated. It's kind of a small town and people here tend to keep to themselves a lot from what I see, so here's your chance I guess!   I work as a copywriter, web developer and designer, and I'm interested in going for walks, going to museums, concerts, the movies (essentially a number of things that aren't possible for now) or just grabbing a coffee and chatting for hours. I happen not to have a driver's license, but buses and trains are there for a reason, so I'm open to meeting people from neighbouring cities as well. Thanks for reading this! Cheers Fábio