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  1. I moved from USA to Germany in May 2019. I joined KSK and starting paying German social security in August 2019. We plan to live here long-term. I have a 5-year renewable residency permit through my EU spouse; my business is registered as a GbR. I'm self-employed. Now I'm doing my 2019 tax return in USA.   If I get a German certificate of social security coverage (D/USA 101-A) that only covers the second part of the year, do I pay a prorated self-employment tax in the USA to cover the first part of the year?  How do I indicate all this on my 1040?  If I was covered the entire year in Germany, I understand I could simply write "exempt" and attach the 101-A.  My concern is the effect of the split year. I moved in May 2019, but my social security payments/coverage did not start until August. Will the 101-A only show coverage starting in August? How would this effect prorating of US self-employment tax?