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  1. I'm a Belgian with a house in Belgium (so still have a residency there)I also have a residency in Germany (Berlin) and have been living and working here for almost 2 years.So I have a tax id and did my anmeldung.Now - my company is allowing me to go 100% remote (which is obviously awesomely progressive of them).I'll be going back to Belgium and possibly move to France. I will keep my residence in Belgium (as I still have the house there that I won't get rid of or rent out any time soon)Is there a way for me to keep working for the German company as a full time employee (so not as a freelancer) from France and pay taxes in France/Belgium?The german company does not have affiliates in Belgium or France.tldr: Is it possible to work for a german company as full time employee while no longer having a residency/tax id in Germany or is the only option here working as a freelancer?Note: I'm not assuming that all people living close to the border and hopping over into an other country to work are all self-employed/freelancers. Can barely imagine that. So I would be in the same case as those "frontier-workers" , I reckon.
  2. Hi all,   I will shortly be transferring to Munich with my company and they will be covering some of my relocation expenses (they give me a lump sum), but I am wondering whether it is actually worthwhile to think about moving my car from the US to Germany.   I am noticing that cars in Germany are far more expensive than the US, even if we are talking about BMWs, used or new (I am mostly interested in used).  My current car is valued at around 12-13k in the US market, but if I it would be worth it, i would much prefer to move it to Germany than sell it in the US and buy another one when i get to Germany.   Moreover, I was potentially thinking of getting a better car in Europe, maybe a bmw m3 or i8 for example, but again, it looks like prices for used cars are significantly higher in Germany than here in the US. Would it even be worth thinking about buying it here in the US with the intention to move it there ?   If anyone has experience and can shed some light, it would be great. Thanks !