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  1. Hi so I just started at my new company. Its the EU HQ of an American company. I'm on a German contract. Originally I come from an Eastern EU member country. Due to corona, but likely even after, I'm not required to come to office. They offered me a company flat for the first 3 months but now want to postpone to January 2021 (fearing 2nd wave and me being stuck alone in lock down - hrs my boss da a sweetheart). I used to live in Germany, and they know it and think I'm with friends and boyfriend (we broke up). So essentially I can just stay in an Airbnb, I can't stay at friends' for so long. I asked if I can go to my country but I was told no.   How should I register on Germany as a Bürger when I don't even have an address? Can I just give them an address of my friend where I'm staying?    Could someone please explain why? Is there any workaround this? There are so many expats all over the world, why is it such an issue for a rich, global company? If I work there for a few years, would they get more flexible?
  2. Hi I have a 3-year Aufenthaltstitel, and I am registered at my apartment in Berlin. I want to visit my boyfriend's family in the U.K. but I have an American passport, and Americans aren't allowed entry into the UK or Europe.  Will I be able enter with my German residency permit, despite the fact that I'm American? Will I be able to return to Germany ok?  If anyone has a similar experience I would love to hear about it.    Thanks!   Kevin