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  1. I'm from 3rd world country in Asia and have been living in Germany for a year and I want to invest some money (few thousands Europe as total and few hundred per month)  to what called ETFs (exchange traded fund). Because just keeping my money in the bank does not seem to be a good choice when the inflation increases every year. Currently, I have Commerzbank bank account.   I don't speak German yet (trying to learn though), so I'd ask from your experience, a good/trusted company could provide: + Various kind of ETFs / Index funds (not only investing for Germany's indexes for example but world indexes). + Low fee for buying / selling (not by percent but a fixed price, e.g: buy 1 ETF costs 0.03 Euro, buy 1000 ETF costs 30 Euro). + English support for the website and automatically tax calculated (I think they do it implicitly in Germany? e.g: If I sell my securities and gain 1000 Euro for 1 year then this year I only have to pay 1000 - 800 (exempted form tax yearly for capital gain) = 200 * 25% Tax = 50 Euro?)    My strategy is to buy all-in some ETFs / Index funds which I think can gain in long term next few years (I'm not an active trader) and the money is what I save monthly from my modest salary.  
  2. Hi everyone!   I would like to ask you a very simple question: Do I have to pay taxes on dividends that are reinvested automatically into a specific fund/ETF, if I live in Germany?   Here it goes 2 examples - REIT and an Equity ETF. As you can see, both of them accumulate dividends as their distribution policy.   Since I never actually 'touch' the dividends since they are reinvested automatically, do I have to declare them annually on my tax return? Or should I only declare them when I withdraw the amount from the funds?   What if I am investing in these ETFs through a broker in Portugal (where I am originally coming from) and I want to declare that income according to the Portuguese law? Would it be possible to declare income in 2 countries at the same time?
  3. Hey, I invested some money on ETFs (domiciled in Ireland, through Degiro) and Mintos in 2019 but the combined gaines of interests + mintos returns + dividends are below 801 euros. I have read in several posts that there is a tax exemption on the first 801 EUR from capital gains. However I didn't find anywhere if it is necessary to include these in the tax declaration as long as they are under 801 EUR or do I have to declare them as well. Also, if possible, any help on how to do the declaration in platforms like wundertax or steuergo will be appreciated.   Thanks!