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  1. As the time gets closer to our move (in at most a year, could be less depending on the job situation) I want to start looking for jobs. I have two degrees in design but I have been working in education since 2013 with a couple years gap while being home with my children. My experience is in nursery, preschools, and most recently as an educational assistant in a kindergarten. So ages 12 months to about 6 years are the ages my experience has mostly been with.    I want to work in a kindergarten (the German version, I know it's different than in the US) in Germany. I've of course been looking at jobs, looking at requirements, etc.    So I have a couple questions.   What has been your experience trying to find jobs in this area?    Will my lack of degree in this field be a problem? I know some positions want you to have an ausbildung but not all require it and I've certainly seen other posts of people who have gotten this or a similar job without the ausbildung.    For reference, I'm not opposed to getting an ausbildung but would prefer to find a job without this or find a job where I can simultaneously get this qualification.   Are there any websites that you like best for job searching in Germany?