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  1. Since so many of us are in the English business, I thought it woudl be nice to have a place to share tips, tricks, links and stories related to teaching, translating, coaching, etc.   This is not the place to ask. "How do I get a job teaching English in Germany?".   I learned a new false friend: pathetisch   The CEO I was coaching wanted to end his start-up presentation with "Dare to be Pathetic!"        
  2. Hello, our daughter is 2 years old. We are looking for someone who could teach you English in a playful way. A meeting once or twice a week would be ideal. We live in Munich East. 50 eur per hour. We look forward to your messages. Best regards, Fam. Romanov
  3. *NEW* English speaking Playgroup in Kiel STARTING 13 NOVEMBER 2018 LOCATION: International Church of Kiel, Gneisenaustraße 2, 24105 Kiel TIMES: Tuesdays, 9am – 10.30am DESCRIPTION: A warm, friendly, welcoming and supportive place for babies and toddlers and their parents or carers. There is always a great range of toys, story time and singing - and a fantastic themed activity. We provide a baby space, wonderful snacks for everyone, and a ready supply of tea and coffee! We are an English-speaking community, so if you are a confident English speaker, or are looking to practice, do come along! For more information, please contact Abi: