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  1. I am Looking for a native English speaker teacher to teach 6 and 5yr kids. Please drop me you are one or if you know someone.
  2. We are holding our annual garden party this year on the 12th September in the garden of our language school Cox & Co in the Bankstrasse in Wuppertal and, as it will be a charity event for kids in care, we are looking for anyone who would like to join in a musical jamming session on that evening to help support us and the kids.There will be lots of various fund-raising stuff going on that you are more than welcome to come along to and support e.g. Bring & Buy Table, Pimm's Cocktail Bar etc with all proceeds going to support the kids etc. Give us a bell on 020276907917 or email me at: if you'd like to come and play or sing with us on the 12th September!
  3. English Book Club in Kassel

    Hi everyone,   I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an English Book Club in Kassel! The next meeting is 29th August at 19h in Café Lange. The book club is organised via Meetup - just search for Kassel International English Book Club.   Looking forward to seeing you there  
  4. Hi! I am an American dancer and mother working temporarily at the Stadtstheatre in Darmstadt. I have a nine month old baby and am looking for a babysitter to watch him for two days, next Fri and Saturday. A responsible student who could stay with him in the theater would be fine. English speaking would be a huge plus, but would be grateful for any recommendations. If you have a reference we can speak off-forum.  Thank you! Navarra 
  5. TIMKORVER | Individual English Training is a Business English language institute, dedicated to providing effective in-company training in Business English language & communication skills, in and around Munich. Our clients are working professionals who want to improve their English fluency and communication skills within their work context. We are looking for experienced Business English trainers with a professional qualification and a teaching certificate [CELTA or equivalent] to join our team. We provide our trainers with regular and reliable on-going courses, up-to-date teaching materials and methods, individual trainer support and exchange within a dedicated small team. Depending on experience and professional background, we offer starting rates from € 25 per 45 min. unit, with increasing rates following probation. Please send your application to: or contact us for further information by tel: +49 89 517 287 44
  6. Experienced English language teacher for children: Summer camps in Munich and area Two weeks summer camp instructors for 1st until 12th July 2019. We are seeking native English speaker who have experience in working with children and would like to run our holiday camps: cooking, hiking (with overnight) or photography. For children and  young teenagers aged 10 to 15. If you enjoy teaching and are a creative person, we would very much look forward to receiving your application. Camp dates are: 1st to 5th July 2019 from 9am to 4pm 8th to 12th July 2019 from 9am to 4pm 8th to 12th July 2019 with overnight in in the Austrian Kaisergebirge. Some knowledge of the German language would be appreciated. Please send your CV and motivation letter to Katharina Winkler at Or call us at sphairos: 089- 538 68 026 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.  
  7. Suitably qualified, Business English trainer/teacher needed once a week for a company group in Nürnberg either evenings after 5pm or early mornings (day not fixed yet). Finance management awareness/background would be of advantage. If interested, please contact and, if you like, check us out on
  8. This my second post on a similar topic.   My daughter and her family spent a brief time in Austria recently and the entire family became ill with cough and respiratory issues.   The youngest child developed an ear ache after returning to Germany.    My daughter developed chills and was told by doc she might have acute bronchitis.    They were given antibiotics.   Just when the second child seemed to be feeling better, he began to act strangely. Lots of crying. Up all night. He said his ears did not hurt. No apparent fever. Initially they thought he was just copying the younger brother.    His complaint was his ears.    Both ear drums had ruptured. Tons of gunk and fluid. Loss of hearing.   Where this becomes bizarre is, now my daughter is suffering with lots of pain in the ears, loss of hearing and tinnitus.   She felt terrible about doubting her son.    I don’t know if this is common in Germany?? Adult ear infections are not common in the U.S.   The doctors do not seemed concerned. In the meantime, she cannot hear.   She will see an ENT (HNO) tomorrow in Bad Homburg.    I am posting in hopes that someone else has had a similar experience and I want to know what was done.    I am in the U.S. and so frustrated. It seems like seeing a doctor here is so much simpler and of course the language barrier is frustrating. She speaks very little German.    When she got got home from the pediatrician I pieced together that his ear drums must have ruptured. She had her German husband call the dr back and indeed that is what had occurred. The doc spoke English. Not sure why that was not related to my daughter. Sorry, I am venting.    Please don’t bother responding unless you have some serious comments on the topic.   At this point I am afraid both my daughter and grandson will have permanent hearing loss.    My son son in law was ill as well, but he was able to recover more quickly.     
  9. Since so many of us are in the English business, I thought it woudl be nice to have a place to share tips, tricks, links and stories related to teaching, translating, coaching, etc.   This is not the place to ask. "How do I get a job teaching English in Germany?".   I learned a new false friend: pathetisch   The CEO I was coaching wanted to end his start-up presentation with "Dare to be Pathetic!"        
  10. Business English Trainer

    Modolingo International Language Center is a modern language institution offering highly professional and individually tailored language training services in all living languages, in Germany, the neighbouring countries, and online worldwide.   We specialise in industry, company and department specific bespoke language training courses. In line with our philosophy, our language trainers are native speakers of the languages taught, are educated to degree level and have relevant business experience and acumen. They provide engaging and fun training in line with the MODOLINGO method, which means focusing on reality-based situational business language skills and communication-based training to quickly and significantly increase the business competence and confidence of the learner in the target language. Spoken language is central to our training, as competent active production of spoken language is critical to international business success.   We encourage native speakers of English in Germany to apply to join our talent pool. Experience of teaching English on a freelance basis is advantageous. Training can be provided to the right candidate.   Interested? Please apply including a CV and covering letter for the attention of Mr Peter Walker, to   NB We are unable to accept applications from outside Germany.