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  1. Greetings all.  I'm planning on retiring from the US Military in the near future and we are exploring employment options post-military in Germany.  I have been told that if one applies for a German Visa and obtains permanent residency status they would be ineligible to apply for NAF and Government Civilian positions (GS) because of permanent resident and SOFA status.  Can anyone verify if this true?   I understand that someone could apply for a GS or NAF job, following the mandatory waiting period post-retirement, but we are looking into full immigration into German residency because the German Finanzamt's tendency to back tack SOFA protected DoD personnel, especially in the Rheinland-Pfalz area.  To avoid the unnecessary tax trouble, we wanted to pursue residency.  However, my job options would be limited to either German only positions or contractor jobs.   Just looking to see if anyone can verify or provide more information on this.
  2. Dear Toytown,    Does anybody have any experience in paying a lawyer to review an employment contract and can recommend someone? I am considering this service as I am not sure some of the clauses in my contract are lawful.   For example the bonus payment (which is performance based and forms a significant part of my compensation) is not paid if either party terminates the contract duing the year. However, I have read from some sources that could be considered unlawful and would like to have this clarified so that I understand all my rights under the contract.    Thank you!