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  1. Hello All   To cut a long story short, I got terminated from my job on 10th April, 2019 without any solid reason and I had a mutual termination agreement with the employer that the company will pay me the compensation till September. I did sign it. I am getting salary on a monthly basis.   Now, I have found a new job and will be starting my employment from 1st July there.   My question is whether I can have both the salaries of the previous and current employer for July? Should I consult any tax consultant or talk in Finanzamt? Is it legal or illegal? Any experience from your side is highly appreciated.   Thanks 
  2. Employment Agencies?

    Hello! Does anyone know of any employment agencies in Munich? Usually how it works is, you give them a copy of you CV and they contact you when they find relevant work.  I am looking for work in English, as my German is still at beginner's level.  Also, temp/temporary employment agencies would be fine!   Many thanks.
  3. So I'm a recent grad (M.Sc), continuing full time at an office in Germany where I worked part time during my studies. Due to a stagnant environment and low salary I'm looking elsewhere. I've only worked full time for three weeks, but have been at this office for two and a half years (where I contributed quite a bit, but was paid your minimal student wage).   The contract states a termination notice period of two weeks, so at least legally I think I'll be in the right if I give notice within the month, but what are some thoughts about social blowback, i.e. burning bridges? This is an American firm, so I might like to work at a location stateside if/when I move back home to the US, and they'll most likely inquire about me with their German counterparts.   To note, again, although I only started full time less than a month ago, I had previously worked part time for 2 1/2 years (and was paid minimum), and they had recommended that I continue on. I am also looking for jobs in other cities, even in another state in Germany, so that if asked I could give the excuse of moving/following girlfriend/etc. Also important: As a foreigner, my working here is possible via my work visa, made possible by the work contract offered by this very company. Thoughts as to legal and social repercussions in this regard? (possibly looked at as my taking job for visa, then leaving)
  4. I want to ask my former employer (not in Germany) to issue a letter of Employment Certificate for me so that I can give it to my next employer (in Germany). Besides the employment period and my position title there, what other information should be included in the letter? For instance, any assessment of my performance or the type of projects I was working on? Generally, should it be like a recommendation letter or only a confirmation of my previous employment? 
  5. Hi guys,   Out of curiosity, for those who started or changed to a new employment contract in the last 10 years, are German employers still handing out the "old german style" contracts with an automatic 13th month salary, or automatic weihnachtsgeld christmas bonus?   I'm rather suspecting newer employment contracts don't offer such things as an automatic god-given right any more, but rather that they have been "converted" into personal performance related bonuses, where it is no longer automatic.   Would really be interested to know if these old-style german contracts are now relics of a bygone era ;-)
  6. Hiring Immediately: Dishwasher / Kitchen Help - No German Required. Good pay, meals, 1 month vacation. This is a full time job and requires permission to work in Germany. Contact:
  7. We are about to move to another city due to my job change. Let's say that my current contract ends by July 31 and the new job starts from August 1. However, I may obtain my new contract near the end of July.   My problem is that if I want to sign a rental agreement in June (or even May), I do not have my next job contract yet to show to the landlord. Also, my current employment contract clearly states its termination by the end of July. So, I'm somehow clueless about how to handle this!   In fact, I've had this job for the past five years and also have been living in my current apartment for the same period, and I want to convince the landlord to at least sign a draft version of the contract (like a reservation) until I present him my new employment contract   in July (before the move-in).
  8. YOUR TASKS AS KITCHEN HELP We seek a motivated, hard working person to learn high-end Asian cuisine, including Japanese knife skills, sushi, etc. Beginners are welcome. We offer meals, tips, performance-based salary. About Mun: He was born in Seoul, emigrated to Honolulu with his parents, and worked as a Wall Street banker until the financial crisis of 2008. He pursued his dream. After having two successful restaurants in Argentina, he seized the opportunity to open his namesake restaurant at the historic Haidhausen section of Munich. Awards: SZ Gourmet Award / 15 pts GaultMillau / 6+ pts Gusto.   This is a full time job and requires permission to work in Germany. Contact: