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  1. Hello guys,   I would like to know how the artist revenue from online-platforms such as CGtrader or Turbosquid (3D models), Fotolia (Stock photos) and so on should be declared. I am new to this forum, so I would like to apologize if this topic have been already discussed, as unfortunately I could not find similar situation here in the threads. Are this revenues considered to be part of freelancing income?   I am non-EU resident, architect, was a student till this August 2017. Initially I intended to do a small job for a company as a freelancer so I applied for Steuernummer in February 2017 and finished this job receiving 1200€. In August this company made a decision to hire me full-time so from Aug.2017 I completed studies and immediately changed my student visa to job visa with permission to be employed in one particular company and be self-employed as well.   At the same time I tried to explore an additional income of selling 3D models on 2 platforms (CGtrader and Turbosquid), which worked for me and I started getting revenue of ~200€ per month. This amount changes from month to month depending on how good/bad this models being sold. In general, total revenues from this 2 sources reached ~2500€ in 2017.    As I will be submitting first tax declarations this spring I would like to make it more clear to me of what exactly I need to submit, there are several different questions with which you could probably help. Except from submitting 1.Mantelbogen, I will need: 1. As being employee - Anlage N (declaring all my income of being employed Aug.2017-Dec.2017) 2. Having completed some freelance work - Anlage S (income 1200€ of all 2017 year), together with income/loss calculation 3. Online platform income..?    Now it is getting tricky to me how should I proceed with the online platforms revenue? Should I consider them as a part of freelance income (therefore I need to submit 1200+2500€ profit)? Or I made a mistake of not considering them as part of trading business as, let's say, artist? Should they be regarded as art pieces and therefore taxed as 26%? Am I considered now a trader and not a Kleinunternehmer? Now I am really getting confused   From one point of view this revenue are quite small, still I would like to make everything correct and pay taxes as much as I should not getting in trouble eventually. Whether I should stop asap with selling my models, declare the money I got till now and remain only an employee with possibility to freelance; on the other hand if to explore more of this possibility it could be a nice additional income, since managed properly (properly declared etc.)   Of course, hiring a Steuerberater will be a best solution, but first I want to clarify this for myself.   Will be glad for any help!   PS and sorry for the bad English