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  1. Hi all! I've done a lot of searching but unfortunately haven't encountered a comparable situation.   My wife and I are expecting a baby in March 2020, and want to be eligible for Elterngeld. We live in Berlin, but we work remotely for a startup based in the UK. The company pays us each month (in euros, into our German accounts), and at the end of each calendar year we complete a German tax return. (Actually we're doing our 2018 return now with the accountant; in January we'll do the 2019 calculation from which our Elterngeld will be calculated, assuming we're eligible. The accountant by the way refuses to answer Elterngeld-related questions, saying is't not his domain).    However, I've heard that freelancers in Germany sometimes aren't eligible for Elterngeld at all. Which leads me to wonder, what's the difference (if any) between 'freelancer' and 'self-employed'? We never took a trip to a Finanzamt to register officially as self-employed. We do each have a Steueridentifikationsnummer, and we also have a Steuernummer (not sure how we got it or what it means). We also pay monthly for public health insurance.    Given the above, can anyone tell me if we'll be eligible for Elterngeld? Your assistance is much appreciated!   (Also, as a side question - while on holiday this summer we rented out our apartment on Airbnb - we have a holiday rental license and will declare this income on our 2019 return. I assumed this answer is no, but would this income be included in the Elterngeld calculation?)   Thanks!