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  1. Hello everyone, I went through most of the Elterngeld and Kindergeld discussions but I could not find clear answers for my case, I'm trying to catch as much as I can, unfortunately my legal German is not so good. I really appreciate if you can help me even recommending links to continue reading. I'm working as a software engineer with unlimited contract since 2018 but still didn't get the permanent resident "I hold Blaue Karte which ends by 2022" and my wife relocated last year and she got "Aufenthaltserlaubnis" which allows her to work but she is focusing now on Deutsche as part of Integration course. And we don't receive any benefits from job center. My wife is pregnant and will give birth by start of next year.   With my current case "Holding only Blaue Karte with unlimited work contract" and my wife "Aufenthaltserlaubnis", Can we apply for Elterngeld and Kindergeld? Elterngeld >> For my wife she can get 12 months EUR300 as the minimum wage since she is not working, and I can get 2 months if I needed to took parental leave or part time and then I'll get up to 67%..., Is that right? Kindergeld >> We can get EUR210 since the 1st month of the baby birth?   Applying for both can be done after baby birth and getting the birth certificate from the hospital, so nothing to be done now?   I heard a bout other benefits like Kinderzuschlag, Betreuungsgeld, Wohngeld, Haushaltshilfe.. I'm in the phase of gathering information about all of these benefits and check which is applicable for our case. Appreciate if some one did this already and can share his experience or any other recommendations.   On the other hand, it's unscheduled pregnancy and our plan was to postpone this step for a while, so before knowing that I decided to move to a new employer and will start next month, should I inform them immediately? or should I wait till the end of the probationary period? >> If I decided to wait and inform them later then I'll not have 7 weeks left till birth, I signed the contract three months before knowing this pregnancy, but I don't have any credit yet to inform them about that in the 6 month probationary period, I'm afraid to loose my my job or at least loose my credibility! >> I may try to rely on yearly vacation budget instead of the Elterngeld.   We are also considering giving birth in our home country with the family help there.. what about Elterngeld for my wife and Kindergeld in this case?   Is there a way to get a lawyer insurance or any other way to take care of these hassle? and help me or apply on behalf of me for these benefits? As I'm already handling a lot "Hebama, Hospitals, bla bla bla" + my new job.   Thank you very much for this great form