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  1. Hallo:)   As per title, I've left Germany in February 2019 and closed my freelance activity. I didn't work during Jan and Feb 2019, do I still have to do my taxes even if I didn't earn any money in 2019? I am almost sure this is the case, so here is my second question:) My German ist kaputt and the previous two years I've been helped by my ex German girlfriend and she did my taxes through Elster. I've seen that she sent the formular EÜR 2018/2017 und ESt unbeschränkt (ESt 1 a) 2018/2017 but I can't find them on the website. Do I need to wait for them until March? I remember she couldn't do them in January because the formular where not available yet in January.    Thanks for any clarifications  
  2. Hi,   I am a freelancer in Germany since April and I am filling in for the first time the Elster form Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung. I only had one client in Spain for whom I charged no Umsatzsteuer. As far as I can understand, do all the values in the form need to be zero or do I need to input somewhere the amount charged without umsatzsteuer? Are there any online guides to filling this form in English? Thanks, Paulo