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  1. Hi,   I am a freelancer in Germany since April and I am filling in for the first time the Elster form Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung. I only had one client in Spain for whom I charged no Umsatzsteuer. As far as I can understand, do all the values in the form need to be zero or do I need to input somewhere the amount charged without umsatzsteuer? Are there any online guides to filling this form in English? Thanks, Paulo
  2. VAT deductions - Monthly or Annually?

    I recently registered a GbR here (freelance film production, company is wife and myself). I am now doing our first monthly VAT report on ELSTER.  All our current clients are in the USA, so we don't have any income that is liable for VAT.  All those fields will be zero. However, I understand we can report expenses accrued in Germany and get a refund for VAT. I'd prefer to calculate expenses yearly, that's what I did in the US. - Do I have to report these expenses monthly, or can I just wait for my year-end tax return? - If monthly, do I have a chance to revise the monthly figures at the end of the year, in case I miss anything? - Since our VAT balance will be negative, when will we get the refund?    
  3. Hi all,   I was wondering if someone could clarify how I can submit additional documents via ELSTER after having completed and submitted my income tax return.    I submitted my tax return last month and yesterday received a letter from the Finanzamt asking me to provide them with the "Abgabe der Gewinnermiittlung elektronisch authentifiziert" related to my freelance work (Anlage S). The person at the Finanzamt in charge of my case said that "elektronisch authentifiziert" meant I should submit the documents via ELSTER. The question is: how? Should I submit a new tax return with said documents or is there a way to add documents to an already submitted tax return?   Thanks in advance to anyone who can help here! The Finanzamt employee was very nice but had a thick Bavarian accent and I could not understand how exactly I should submit the documents...   Cheers
  4. Hi,   I used SteuerGo in English to submit my taxes for 2018. I just recently became a freelancer and started having to declare monthly (it seems it has to be done like this for the first couple of years) my income in Elster. However, I always need a German speaking friend to do this and after a couple of months I am trying to find a way to submit these using an app in English, something akin to SteuerGo but for freelance declarations. Is there something like this? If not, is there any guide in English as to what each field in the tax declaration form mean?   Thanks,   Paulo
  5. Hello,   First of all sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't find any recent topics about this - only old tutorials for a previous version of Elster from 2011 - but feel free to just send me back to another topic if I've missed it for 2019.   I just registered as a freelance (Feriberufler) in Berlin, and chose to register for VAT. I will soon have to do my first monthly VAT declaration on Elster, but unfortunately I cannot find a tutorial on how to do this on the current version of ELSTER. I also found old tutorials about how to do the yearly declaration, but I really need to know about the monthly one first.   In the Elster forms for VAT, one is called 'Sondervorauszahlung (monatlich)' - cf. attached screenshot - but I am not sure this is the right place to go and don't want to make any mistakes filling in the wrong form.   Also once I chose the right form, is there a tutorial on how to fill in each part of the monthly VAT declaration form?   Many thanks for your help! :)