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  1. Einbürgerung in 7 years

    Hi - I have completed 7 years in Germany and have been in employment since beginning of my stay. I had also done German language B1 exam, Leben in Deutschland and Einbürgerungstest. I recently visited KVR Einbürgerungsstelle for naturalization application.   The beamter said that I am not eligible for naturalization in 7 years as I have not done "Integration Kurs" although I have passed equivalent exams. I have done the exams only but have not participated in course as I have full time employment. I asked BAMF to issue me integration course certificate based on my exams certificates but they are also unable to do so as I have not participated in the integration classroom courses.   My point was even if I choose to do integration course classes for which I have completed the exams, it would be unfair for somebody who genuinely needs to do the classroom courses(as places are always limited). But this has not made any buzz either for BAMF or the beamter in KVR.   Any idea what else could be done?   Thanks
  2. At a recent Frankfurt meeting (britishingermany group) with the British Düsseldorf Consul important information emerged. This is especially important for those Brits considering, or with in-progress, Geman citizenship applications. I'm posting here as I could not find any trace of the important information that came to light:   1. At the moment you can have both Germand British citizenships. Britain has always allowd multiple citizenships, Germany will allow as part of curren EU rules. 2. Those receiving their German Einburgerung confirmation letters are being told of this, and there is also a guarantee in the letter that states future legal changes in Germany cannot change this, the 'new' German citizenship cannot be taken away because Britain has left the EU. These people can legally hold both passports until death. 3. However, following formal BREXIT on 31.03.2029 Germany's position will change and all applications that are fully and completely processed before his date will be fine, but those that are only final after 31.3 will not have any sort of guarantee that the 'new' Germany citizenship will not be taken away, or that those persons will not be asked to give up their British citizenship in order to keep the German citizenship. 4. "Fully and completely processed" means letter received and the formal Einburgerung process at your local Rathaus has happened. 5. Current processing times in some major cities are very long. 6. I recommend that all those with in-progress applications to somehow intervene to speed things up.   Pensions were also talked about and current DEE/Barnier agreements state that current State pension rules and practices will continue. Thus, years spent in all EU states will continue to be 'reckonable' when 'number of contribution years' are calculated by each affected EU state or Britain. British state pensions will also continue to be uplifted annually in lie with George Osborn's triple lock for all those in receipt of such and resident in EU countries. Obviously applies to all affected nationalities.      Good luck to all affected!  
  3. Hi,   I am married to a German but not yet for two years as required according to German citizenship law for being granted citizenship.   Could I already apply for for German citizenship and than be granted it after the two years have past? In other words, what is earliest date I am allowed to submit the Einbürgerungsantrag?   Disclaimer: I entertain these thoughts thanks to Brexit.    
  4. ALG1 and Citizenship

    I currently have Niederlassungsarlaubnis and i inquired ABH for citizenship requirement within 6 years. ABH said I can come again 2 months before completion of 6 years to apply for citizenhsip. The problem is my contract ends immediately after completion of my 6 years  (+ 3 months) and I am not sure If I can find any job that soon. Q1. Could this impact my citizenship application as my livelihood support will be in danger even if I am eligible for citizenship? Q2. If my application for citizenship is delayed by ABH and I get an appointment from them during the phase that my contract has ended and I am on ALG1 support (unemployment money), is there a problem?  I know ALGII is a problem, how about ALG1 support at the time of application for citizenship as it reflects that I might need ALGII support if I dont find job soon. Thank you.