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  1. Hi All, I have decided to buy a rented apartment in Berlin and made the reservation too. I currently live on rented apartment and the existing tenants live there for 4.5 yrs.The real estate agent says that Eigenbedarf can be invoked, if needed for personal use. Though I do not intend to invoke Eigenbedarf immediately(not within 1 yr at least), I might do it in future. So could you please recommend a Rechtsschutz versicherung(landowner legal insurance) to buy? I plan to be part of Vermieter verein in addition to the above insurance. Also suggest other insurances to be bought,if any. Thanks. Have a great week ahead!
  2. !!Emergency!!! I am in the final stages(Only Notary appointment is pending) of buying a rented out apartment. I just noticed that the rental contract has got 2 parts -Nachtrag and Mietervertrag. Nachtrag has got a person(B) added in 2016 as main tenant along with the exisiting tenant(Lets call him A.) A stayed from 1999 and expired before B moved in 2016. B pays a good amount as rent and stays in the apartment from 2016 only. So I thought if needed, it could be easier to invoke Eigenbedarf. I just noticed this point of Nachtrag and its link to original Mietervertrag. With this discovering, I am frightenend to conclude the deed.  1. Does B has the same rights as A? While calculating the period of tenancy, which contract is considered? Nachtrag only? 2. What are the problems, which can be expected? Has anyone experienced similar situation?   Thanks in advance.