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  1. The Egyptian Embassy is saying it won't renew my husband's passport as he hasn't done his military service or been exempted from it.  He doesn't have permanent residency in Germany, just an ordinary resident's and work permit through our marriage.  But the law says he needs to have a valid passport to stay here and the Ausländerbehörde asked him to get a new passport before they will extend his resident's permit.  The Egyptian Embassy will - by all accounts, but we need to check - issue him a passport once he has paid his fine but he can't do that until he turns 30.  So we are looking at about 10 months gap.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  What was the solution?  Will Germany look the other way? Issue multiple Fiktionsbescheinigungen? An Ersatzausweis? A passport for foreigners? A Duldung?