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  1. We would like to welcome everybody to our ISH Open House Day on February 16.Visit the school, explore our educational concept and observe the way we teach the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) in the classrooms. Meet the Head of School, Principals and current parents to ask them anything you like! Join us on a school tour, get to know some of our teachers and have a look at our fresh and modern campus and facilities…. all of that whilst enjoying snacks and drinks.We are looking forward to welcoming you at school! Open Day schedule:9:00-12:00: Early Childhood Centre (ECC), Junior School and Secondary SchoolAges 3-18   For further information, please visit our website: Please register via See you soon!
  2. Moving above TV-L E10

    Good Morning All,    I currently have a bachelors degree, with a number of technical certificates in tow (like systems engineer certificates issued by HUPX, MCSE by microsoft, etc.) I also have 20 years experience in my field.    My experience here in Germany is; regardless of whether I work in Academia or Corporate, my education (versus my experience) is the limiting factor in my salary. As a B.Sci. both the academic world (governed by TV-L) and the corporate world (governed by CAT - or maybe just basing their salaries n the same guidelines) have always been offered employment in the high end of E10. However, this is far less than I was making in other countries where experience is more valued than certificates.    QUESTION:  Since I want to stay in Germany, what are the MINIMUM educational requirements I would need to move up to each level (I.e. E11, E12, etc). What level on the TV-L scale would a Master of Sci. be? Are there certified/accredited education levels BETWEEN a B.Sci and a full M.Sci that would bump me up in the scale? Are accredited, smaller post-graduate certificates acceptable for bumping up my scale?   SIDE QUESTION:  HOW ARE B.Sci, or M.Sci accredited in Germany? In the U.S. it's by regionally accreditation institutions.    I ask mainly to be able to identify accredited v. NON-accredited programs here in Germany and elsewhere (I.e. online)
  3. Hallo,    I currently have a B.Sci in the biosciences (computational biology and bioinformatics) as well as a slew of technical certifications in IT and programming. I'm currently working a 2 year contract at a major university in the biosciences.    I noticed during my job hunt, that all my salary offers were nearly identical, and seemed to be based on the ** tabelle-TV-L **...even for private industry jobs. My understanding is; that in Germany, your salary is based mostly on your certifications and degrees - with experience simply determining whether you are at the top or bottom of a given range.    My question is then; what advanced degree should I get in order to remain in the biosciences (probably computational biosciences...although this is not mandatory) but increase my salary into the next category?  I realize that, theoretically, ANY masters would bump my salary based on the above concept. BUT, what degree I get also determines my ability to get a job (having a B.Sci in Molecular Biotechnology and a Masters in Art History will probably not land me any job offers at all  )
  4. Twenty lovable children, aged between two and a half and six years old, are looking for a further preschool teacher -- could you be the one?   Das Spielhaus e.V. ("The Playhouse") is one of Munich's oldest publically funded, parent-run preschools, having been around for a quarter of a century. The preschool is located in Au/Haidhausen close to Regerplatz and has its own outdoor area for the children to play, as well as several nearby playgrounds. The preschool's twenty children are currently jointly cared for by a team of four people: two accredited kindergarten teachers and two further childcare workers. We are looking for a fifth person to join the team.   We provide: - An employment contract with the safety of the “Eingruppierung”/pay scale grouping of the German labour agreement TVöD. (As we are sponsored by the city of Munich, we are bound by the TVöD). - A permanent contract with either full-time or part-time hours (40 hours or 20 hours -- or anything in between), according to your preference. - Continuing education opportunities are offered on a regular basis. - a warm and welcoming work environment.   Our ideal candidate: - Loves working with children and is loved by children in return. - Is qualified as an Erzieher(in), Sozialpädagog(in) or pädagogische Fachkraft (or holds an equivalent international certificate as an early-childhood educator). - Comes forward with new ideas (for example, for activites or outings with the children) and takes steps to realize them. - Is looking to take on a leadership role within the preschool team. - Speaks some German or is in the process of learning German. Preference will be given to candidates who are on track to pass a B1-level German exam within 10 months of starting employment at the preschool. Applicants of all nationalities and language groups are welcomed (including English as well as other languages).   Does this sound like you? Then we would be delighted to hear from you! Please send us an email with your resume or CV attached to: You can send us your application materials either in English or in German.   Our contact details are: Spielhaus e. V. Hochstr. 43 81541 München Telephone contact for this position: 0160-962 06 122
  5. Get Schoolwise! Come to our information session from 19:30-21:30 on Thursday 30th November at JuggleHUB, Christburger Str 23, 10405 Berlin, enjoy a glass of wine and some canapés and meet other parents. Tina Limbird of Linden Education will be taking us through the German and international school system, answering our specific questions and giving info and advice. If you're confused about the school system and you want to join us, contact to reserve a spot. The cost is 34 Euro for one person and 40 per couple.
  6. Open House

    Open House at Berlin Metropolitan School from 2pm-5pm tomorrow: 
  7. Hello everyone,   I am an international student from South East Asia and I am planning to take my master degree in Germany. I did my bachelor in economics and have 2.5 years experiences in the field of Supply Chain and Business Analyst. I applied for WS 17/18 and I got admission to the below universities: 1. Uni of Cologne, MSc. Supply Chain Management, with a double degree with Aalto Uni in Helsinki (Finland), MSc. Information Management, which therefore I'll have to go to Finland for at least 1 semester. I think the study program would composed of 20% IT, 80% Business.  2. Uni of Erlangen-Nuremberg, MSc. Information Systems, 70% IT, 30% Business.   What matters most to me is the job opportunity during and after my study (internship/full-time) with limited German knowledge.   I am more interested in the MSc. Information Systems because it has a IT hardcore focus, which may give me higher chances for employment. Plus, I prefer working as IT Business Analyst later on as I am rather an introvert, so the 2. choice seems to fit me well.    However, as I used to work in Supply Chain, for me this field is not too bad and I also can do whatever job I might be offered. The city of Cologne and this double degree opportunity are also more attractive than Erlangen/Nuremberg.   Therefore, I really need an advice from you guys with a foreigners' point of view. The key importance is to find a job after study; thus, which field may offer better chances - Supply Chain or IT Business Analyst? I did ask some of my German friends and without hesitation they answered Cologne, but they may not understand that as I cannot speak German fluently, the situation is very different.    I need to give the answer next week so I hope to hear something from you. Thank you all.
  8. German Language Course for University

    Are there any university approved intensive german languages courses in munich which are affordable and would be able to get me from around b2 (i believe this is the level i would be at after finishing a-levels) to c1-c2. i wish to study Law.
  9. Chemistry/ Science tutoring

    A very experienced IB/ AP and MYP Chemistry/ Science teacher offers tutoring  to students who need help with  Chemistry and/or Science. Professional and competent help  is guaranteed. if you would like to get more info, email me at 
  10. Hello All!   I enrolled in a Bachelor at HS Mannheim in Sep 2016, but I changed my mind and decided to apply for Uni Leipzig this Winter Semester. I got the admission offer. Now here comes my problems.   Q1 What must I do for my student visa? Notes: I come from a non-EU country, which does not enjoy visa-free in EU, so I converted my student visa to the student Aufenthaltstitel (the electronic card).   Q2 I have considered the following bureaucratic things that I must do for this move. Could you please tell me if anything might be missing, or if any potential troubles that I should look out for? 1. Exmatriculation at HS Mannheim. 2. Abmeldung in Mannheim??? (Anmeldung in Leipzig is ofc a must.) 3. Do I need to do anything with my TK health insurance? 4. Anything about my Deutsche Bank Konto? 5. I will tell the GEZ (radio fee) thingy that I change my address. Any pitfall in this maybe? 6. Anything related to Rentenversicherung (pension?) / tax department (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) maybe? 7. Since I am moving between 2 states, any interstate-specific troubles to look out for?     I am looking forward to any opinions on this topic. It seems that there is not much existing discussion on the Internet. I will update my progress regularly. Hopefully this can become an elaborate thread for similar situations.   Thanks in advance!