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  1. Hi all,    I'm considering sending my 6 year old daughter to an international primary school - namely Jules Verne , International Bilingual School or PHORMS.  Does anyone have any recent experience of these or opinions?    Grateful for any thoughts
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  3. Hi all,   We have recently moved to the Pfalz from Heidelberg. Various reasons, but mostly because we couldn't find suitable accommodation. Our two daughters, 7 and 9, are still in a bilingual school in Heidelberg but we would like to move them to a local school. We've been in Germany for about a year and a half. They couldn't speak any German when we arrived but they have learnt fast and their German is ok, but obviously not nearly at native speaker level.   Can anyone recommend a good Grundschule in the area? Preferably one where the teachers are sympathetic and where they will be taught in Hochdeutsch?    We will be here long term and they have German citizenship, so we would like them to integrate fully. Besides, we cannot afford the International School fees!    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance! 
  4. Hi all, I couldn't find a list or ranking of elementary schools or Gymnasiums near or in Duesseldorf. My definition of "Great elementary school" means high potential of going to a Gymnasium afterwards. "Great Gymnasium" means great Abitur results, ideally 2+ or 1, and high potential of entering University afterwards. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Hello,  Currently, my girlfriend is looking into getting a "Hauptschulabschluss". Which I believe is something earned towards the end of German school. In short, she was forcefully taken out of school before finishing school and is now looking to get it done.  The job center is not helping in taking an evening class, they promised that is she'd work for a year, that's what they would help with. However they've lately told her she will need to sign another work contract in a call center. I'd really like to help her out. So for those more knowledgeable, is there some sort of intensive type course she can take? Or any other options even?