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  1. Scammed on eBay

    Hey guys, I am an Ebay_de user since 2015. I ordered many items form Eaby with bank transfer everything was going fine. I usually see the eBay seller reviews before transferring money if he/she accepts money only by bank transfer. With the trust of my 5 years, I transferred money for a MacBook for 1450€ before transfer I talked to the seller she spoke very well on eBay and her reviews were positive with around 15 stars (I have 18 stars).  After transferring of money now she deregistered from eBay. I reported to eBay but no use and I contacted the bank but they told me it's not possible to revert my transaction. I don't know what to do now. I have her full name and bank details.  Searching her name in Google I got a profile on 'StayFriends powered by'. with the same city where eBay seller was but not sure if it was her. Is it possible to approach the police ?  Any suggestions that would help me.   Thank you
  2. Ebay Kleinanzeigen Problem

    Hello everyone!   I have been caught in a muddle and I need advice from anyone who can help. On the 22nd of December I sold a Breitling watch for 2.100 euros on Ebay Kleinanzeigen to a guy called S. Meyer. (I know his full name) The deal was that he sends me the reciept of the bank ueberweisung so he could get the watch before christmas. So it happened he sent me a reciept, a pdf reciept from Postbank AG that he sent the money to my bank account. I sent the watch and to this date I do not have the money on my bank account and he is not responding to my emails anymore. So I have the feeling it was a trap I just fell into. Now because this is not just 50 euros im not going to let it go so easily. I have contacted my bank, no help, I have contacted his bank, they wont give me info because of datenschutz. I have the address of the guy but it looks like the address is a rental room and he was there temporarily. I have contacted the rental place for information on this guy. I have the reciept of the bank transfer (if it is sufficient), I have the address, I have the DHL tracking showing that it was delivered to exactly his name (they do ID check) and I have the whole chat.    My question is what can I do next?  Should I go to the police, should I go through the anwalt? I am not scared to use a bit of money of digging this guy to deep hell. I just dont know whom to approach first.   Thanks for any help beforehand!
  3. Hello,   I was studying in China for the last few years, and in 2016 my husband, who remained in Germany, started selling on Ebay. In the summer when I came back we went to the KWR or some similar office (kind of forgot!) and did a Gewerbeanmeldung, because honestly I'm not totally sure what we are supposed to do administratively and that seemed like the right step. Then I was abroad again and am not sure what took place since then. Now I'm back and trying to sort out all the tax implications-- namely Einkommensteuer and Umsatzsteuer.   My questions regarding Umsatzsteuer are: 1. How exactly do I apply this Kleinunternehmer rule of "if in the previous year he earned an Umsatz (total income without subtracting expenses) less than 17,500€ and is expected to earn less than 50,000€ in Umsatz, then he doesn't need to pay Umsatzsteuer". Last year his Umsatz was just over 20,000€, and I estimate this year it will be about double that. So does he need to backpay Umsatzsteuer on last year or just start paying it this year? Where do we go to sign up for this and do we pay in monthly installments or in yearly lumps sums? 2. Supposing we do need to start paying or even backpay Umsatzsteuer, from what I have read and tried to understand in German, we can offset these costs by charging them to the customer? Any idea how to do that on ebay? Is there an option to tick that will add a 19% tax to their purchase, or do we just have to manually factor it into the sales prices? 3. I don't really understand the ins and outs of Ebay, and he's from Asia and has some major language barriers, so I'm not entirely sure what his status is on Ebay. I know he doesn't have an Ebay shop... so does that make him a "private seller"? Do I need to change this status?   Thank you very much. Those are my most important questions at the moment, and if you happen to know a thing about the following questions, that would also be of much help:   My questions regarding Einkommensteuer are:   1. In the past when I worked as a freelancer, I simply filled out Anlage S and attached a sheet listing my income and expenses. I presume this was called an "Einnahmen-Überschuss Rechnung" although perhaps it was something even simpler? A German friend, former accountant or tax advisor, had helped me to write it and it merely said "Zu Anlage S" at the top and listed my Einkommen and Ausgaben. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make such a Zusatzblatt for my husband for his Ebay sales and a big question crops up: As he has a small workshop where he manufactures the majority of the parts in Vietnam, can he subtract the costs of his workshop in Vietnam (employees, machinery, shipping to Germany, etc.)?  2. I know we do not have to do a Bilanz, because his Gewinn is not over 50,000€ and his Umsatz is not over 500,000€. So does that mean that the paper we have to draft is called an Einnahmen-Überschuss Rechnung or is there an even simpler option?   I already sent an email to LOHI ( to see about signing up for a membership and getting advice on these Einkommensteuer questions. I'm waiting on an answer.   In the meantime, advice on Umsatzsteuer firstly would be much appreciated. And secondly, tips on Einkommensteuer would also be appreciated.   Thanks a bunch, ML  
  4. I was yesterday scammed for something I bought on eBay. The user even had a German phone number and used whatsapp and even called me to confirm the details. I then sent the payment over palpay only to release he is a scam and never replied anymore. My question is if someone has a German phone number, then should they not be registered? the police said they cant do much. How can they use a German phone number and whatsapp? Is there anything I can do?