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  1. I'm a non-EU immigrant with a freelancer Aufenthaltstitel. Is it possible for me to stop or reduce working, if I have sufficient savings? Or sort of semi-retire? Or do I always have to earn enough to live on from my business, regardless of my savings or investment income?   Since the pandemic, I've lost my main clients, and haven't been earning much. I'd like to make a change in the kind of work I do, but that will take some time. I've been told that I have to earn enough income to secure my livelihood, something like €500/month plus rent and health insurance. And that it doesn't really matter how much savings I have, I can't just live from my savings. But then how are people allowed to retire here?   I've been here for more than five years, and have a general work permit, but never got around to getting a permanent Niederlassungserlaubnis. I have enough savings that I could maybe take early retirement already, or at least semi-retirement (not taking my pension yet). But ironically, I'm worried now about not getting a permanent permit, not even getting my current one renewed, and being kicked out of Germany, for not making enough money. I suppose I could try to get some kind of office job or whatever, get the permanent permit, then quit. But can't I demonstrate that I have a secure livelihood from my savings, not only from work?