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  1. My son will be moving from the UK to Dusseldorf to work at the main airport within days. He has never been to German, never mind Dusseldorf, before. He does not drive and so needs to be within a short walking distance of a 24 hour public transport link to and from the airport. Can someone say what kind of transport makes most sense (particular train, tram or bus) in this context and which areas of Dusseldorf are best for accessing these direct transport links to the airport. I'm assuming there is no accommodation immediately adjacent to the airport - he'd happily walk (plane noise not an issue for him). A ten to twenty minute journey would be ideal. Are there less expensive ways of travelling e.g. a monthly, yearly ticket etc?   He will not have a large salary so will be looking for an apartment or flat share. Are there good sites to look at to find out what might be on offer?   Any info about budget? Obviously there will be monthly rent, gas/electricity but is there an equivalent of the UK council tax, a city tax perhaps and other costs to consider?   Any help and advice appreciated   Many thanks!  
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian comic performing on Quatsch's show on Feb 13. There are 4 other comics too, going to be fun and hope to see lots of you stageside, here is the info about the show in case any want to come you can read more about me at too. cheers!    Welcome on Thurs, Feb 13 to a great stand-up comedy show in English here in Düsseldorf!    With comics Scott Capurro (USA), Cary Marx (UK), Michael Jäger (GER), Joe Eagan (CAN) & MC host Christian Schulte-Loh (GER)   When: Thurs, Feb 13, showtime: 20.00 Where: Capitol Theatre, Düsseldorf, Erkrather Str. 30   All info and tickets is via here: