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  1. Hello everyone,    I know there are several threads about this but I would like current advice from a local pespective.   We live in Duisburg, in a central very urbanized neighbourhood. There are many families with babies, young children and a variety of dogs.   Within the last three months a new family has moved into a multi-family apartment building directly accrossed from where will live. They have two very large dogs. One Doberman who is always on a chain leash/lead and a Shaefer Hund (German Shepherd) who is never on a leash and walks freely down the sidewalk. as the owner walks a few paces behind with the Doberman.   I love dogs and I wish these two no harm but I am extremely concerned that a dog attack is imminent. I  frequently walk around the neighbourhood  by myself and with my almost two year old daughter who is always in a stroller. I am very intimidated by these two dogs and have no idea why their owners do not keep them on a leash in such a busy area. It could be that they are trying to send some sort of message to the neighbourhood, it could be that they want to walk their dogs freely---I am not trying to judge but am very concerned something is going to happen.   What can I do?