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  1. Hi all,   With a heavy heart, I'm selling my Beko washing machine (WMB 71643 PTE) and dryer (DPS 7405 W3), each for €170 or together as a set for €320.  Both machines are roughly 3-4 years old and work great - I've had no problems with either one of them as long as I've had them, and they've served their function admirably.  I'm only selling them now as I've moved to a new apartment where I don't have a space for a separate washer and dryer and am switching to a single washer-dryer machine.   The washing machine has a capacity of 7kg and spins up to 1600rpm.  New price was around €400, efficiency class A+++, and it offers 16 different wash cycles, including an animal hair and a baby-safe mode.  It's dimensions are 84x60x54.   The dryer is also a 16kg unit, also with 16 different dryer cycles.  It's a heat pump dryer model, and is energy efficiency class A++.  This model is available new on Amazon these days for around €420.   Lots of pictures available of both, so let me know if you'd like me to send some along - they're too big for this platform, sadly.   Both machines are available for pickup in Neuhausen, close to Rotkreuzplatz.  Please shoot me a message over Toytown if you're interested and we can find a time for you to check them out/pick them up.  I also speak German, if you'd prefer to deal with me in that language.   Cheers!   Rowan