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  1. Question about driving licenses

    Hi all,   Long time reader but first-time poster here. Now, I've looked on the relevant German and British websites, but I cannot find an answer.   So, I am a Brit with permanent EU/German residency, and this year in May I shall apply for my German passport (Got my LiD Zertifikat, B2 German certificate, integrated by having training with the THW). Anyway, I am cognisant to the suggestion that Brits should exchange their driving licenses during the transition period, but if I exchange my UK license for a German one will that be valid to use in the UK? I don't drive now because I live in a city-centre (only when I visit the UK) but I may decide to drive here (particularly if a job requires me to do so). I am obviously a licensed driver on the DVLA system, so technically there shouldn't be a problem, but peradventure were I to be stopped by the police in the UK and show them my German driving license, I may end up getting nicked. Heretofore it would be no problem using my UK license here.   I think I have my paper copy of my license somewhere in my parents' house in the UK, but I can't be sure of where it would be. Of course, I don't want to have to take a test after Brexit just to get a German license.   I did have a way to have both licenses, but it was a bit shady (not illegal per se). I won't mention it so as to not run the risk of breaching the T&C's.   Thanks for any help. If you have sources as well, that would be good; particularly from government departments.    
  2. Dear all, I live in a small town in Bavaria and I feel being taken advantage of by my local driving school. What action can I take to prevent this? Here is a list of fishy conduct from them: 1. Every driving session lasts about 1.5 hours, but I am changed 2 fahrstunde in the bills. I have paid close to 3000 EUR for driving practice alone before my first practical test attempt. The bills are consolidated and does not indicate time. 2. I was made to do important manoeuvrers like "umkeren" and driving in "einbahnstrasse" only in the mock test sessions. 3. I was shown parallel parking manoeuvre only on the morning of the first practical test attempt. 4. Most of my driving sessions are about driving to a nearby city through plain roads, and very little challenge within the city.   If you feel any of these is abnormal, could you let me know? I haven't confronted the driving school yet. How do I do it in a way that doesn't offend them or give me trouble in my attempt to get my driving license? Is there a way to get back some money?   I failed my first attempt and I already see my driving school has lined up a bunch of practise sessions before the next attempt, and haven't yet scheduled my next attempt.   Thank you. I have had a financially stressful year so far. Any suggestion would help.