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  1. Around where I live are lots and lots of forest access and farm access roads, you've all seen them, the ones that go between fields and into and around forests that hunters, farmers, walkers, cyclists and foresters use.   In and in the immediate vicinity of the village I live in the villagers use these all the time as cut throughs, or just to drive out and park up to walk their dogs etc   I talked to my neighbour who said that there was no real problem using them unless it was a busy time for farmers and you cause them problems.    I used to use them a lot of a lot of a night time when my youngest daughter was very young to drive her around and get her to sleep, because they were very peaceful and no street lights.   I also use them a lot for "green laning" on my trail bike, I've passed farmers, workers and I've always waved and they always waved back and never had any issues.   Today a woman who had just parked up to walk her dog began screaming at me, literally screaming at the top of her lungs as I, very slowly and carefully, drove by her.  I managed to pick up something along the lines of "you're not supposed to be here!" and I duly ignored her and continued driving.   First of all, what exactly is the deal with these roads?  are they "private"? because I have observed them being built by city workers so I would assume they are paid for by taxes and not individual farmers, but I don't really know.  Secondly, on some of the roads going into the network of trails I sometimes drive on there are signs saying no entry to normal traffic, but they are not everywhere and to get to where I drove today I didn't pass a single sign saying no admittance, but where I come out near my village there is a sign.   So what law, or social convention am I breaking here and what kind of consequences could I be facing in the worst case scenario?   As ever, thanks in advance.   D