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  1. Hello there, fellow expats.   This is my first contribution to the forum and it probably will sound a bit as me trying to get off easily, but I have no problem whatsoever in accepting responsability when I should and paying what I owe. The reason for my question, though, is that I don't intend to pay something that I wouldn't need to.   I got a parking fine in Belgium with my german car because I wasn't sure if the road I parked was payable or not and my dumb self decided to risk it. Then I got fined, 30€. They say they'll send me a reminder after 30 days if I haven't paid by wire and a registered letter after 14 if the situation persists.   My question is, can a belgium municipality have access to my data or is the EUCARIS system only for traffic fines and offenses? Or is a parking fine of this order technically a traffic fine too?   Cheers lads,   A lad fined in Belgium.
  2. Hello All, I have recently exchanged my Indian driving license to German one. Since I exchanged my license I didn't had to attend the theory lessons from Fahrschule and went straight to do the exams (Theory & Practical). I had my Indian license for around 14 years. So my question is do I have the probation period of 2 years for my German license?. The officer was not quite sure about this one so she said to enquire with the Roda traffic office. My German is not so good. That's why I decided to ask it here. If someone has any knowledge regarding this please clarify.