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  1. Hi all,    It's been a LONG time since this meetup was done. They were the highlight of my week when I did my summer internship here back in 2011. I made a lot friends through this meetup, some of whom I am still good friends with today (and some are even still on TT!). I must have drunk posted a comment on a thread as I now have a -8 rating, Yikes!   Given that we're now in Spring and experiencing some warm weather, I think it's only right that this meetup return!    Proposed date: Thursday, 18th April 2019 (just over 2 weeks time) to see what the interest for this is.   It's been a while since I went out in Munich (2016), but here's a few cool places, which are easy for people to meet and find each other at - If you know other places please suggest them!:   Cohibar City Havana Club X-Bar  Augustiner Keller Zephyr Bar Sehnsucht Bar Beach 38 Cocktailhouse   Hopefully we can get a good bunch of people to attend!    In a nutshell, the 'guidelines/rules' are as follows:   "This meet up is open to all English-speakers in Munich aged between 20 and 30 years. Newcomers to the group are always welcome. Join us for drinks, chat, a laugh, and meeting new people.   The date is fixed, as given in the title above. The venue will be decided by vote below.   To join the event, simply post your username and preferred venue. The way it works is that you copy the list of names from the last post in the thread, paste that into your post, and then add your own name and venue vote to the bottom.   You can change your attendance or vote by re-copying and pasting at anytime before Wednesday at 6am. Once the group has decided though, there's no going back. Also, only vote for a venue if you actually plan on showing up. On Wednesday morning a venue will be chosen based on the group decision."